Are You Living An Inspired Life?

Are you living in a dark place of boredom, or are you living an inspired life? This is a life altering question!

The word, “inspiration” comes from the Latin inspirare, (in- + spirare) which means, to breathe in. In archaic terms without inspiration there is no life. Think about that…

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Boredom is the death of creativity and productivity. Boredom leads to a very unhappy, unfulfilled and unhealthy life.

Boredom is a form or procrastination. Boredom means you don’t know what you want to do, what you need to do, what drives you, what makes you feel energized, passionate, excited, joyful, or blissful.

Boredom can happen when you’re standing in a line waiting to pay for your groceries, impatient because you’ve got to get somewhere. You can get out of that state of boredom quickly by reflecting on the good things that have happened in your day so far, or thinking about what you’re looking forward to accomplishing. If you journal on your phone you could read past entries and see what interesting ideas of thoughts pop up.

I realized that I was procrastinating a lot of late, mostly in the mornings, and I wanted to figure out why.

There are thousands of excellent books, videos, and “experts” with advice and strategies on how to get to the root of your procrastination. Solving procrastination is less about strategies than it is about going inward and getting absolutely clear on what is in your heart – what drives you, what motivates you, and what are your desires. In other words, what could you be doing that’s inspiring?

For example do you choose to laze around in the morning and do nothing because you’re feeling bored or unmotivated, or are you the kind of person that gets up, puts on her gym clothes, and goes to the gym. You enjoy a quick, efficient, and exciting workout. After a shower and some breakfast you’re at work for 8:30 or 9am. You feel fantastic because you’ve accomplished your most important goal for you in the day, which is to take care of your health and feel good.

What if you’re not as connected with a goal as the example of our morning fitness maven? Maybe you’ll snooze the alarm, lay in bed and think, “I’ll workout tomorrow.” I’m just as guilty of that. I have to remind myself of my own reasons for working out and eating healthy. Feeling great, energized, happy, and having a strong mojo are just some of the reasons that inspire me to stay fit.

So why was I procrastinating? I had been intensely studying the Precision Nutrition Level II Certification for 12 months, which I completed and passed at the end of March.

Suddenly I had nothing left to do in the mornings. I had this vacuum to fill, because normally I would get up, make a coffee and the n sit down and do my studies first thing in the morning. Mornings are a great time for me to learn. My brain is open and receptive and I absorb ideas more easily. It was a wonderful way to start my day thinking about health and fitness and how to help my clients. When the program ended I defaulted too checking emails, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I was doing things that weren’t serving me.

If that had lasted only for a couple of days that would have been fine, but it went on for several weeks and it became a kind of boredom. I was no longer actively connected to my desires and big goals.

Here’s what gets me really excited:

I want to inspire people to find their inner motivation to make health and wellness a part of their identity.

Now that sparks a light within me!

Boredom is darkness – Inspiration is bright!

The Shift featuring Wayne DyerThe other morning I was watching a movie called The Shift, featuring Wayne Dyer. Everything he said resonated with me. After watching I went for a morning walk and everything seemed brighter. I was noticing things I wouldn’t otherwise sense. I heard bits of conversations as people walked by. One person was expressing gratitude for something. I heard another conversation that kind of shocked me. I wondered, “Why is this coming into my ear, or my consciousness?”

This is what can happen when you get connected to your inspiration. Some people give a spiritual or a religious bent to the term, “connection,” but let’s leave that out of this discussion. Getting connected simply means being in tune with your gifts, your talents, and the things that absolutely excite the heck out of you. This is what moves you into what’s called your “zone of genius,” which Gay Hendricks explains in his book, The Big Leap.

We are all competent, good, great, and uniquely excellent at different things. What sets you apart from someone else is your zone of genius, that one thing you do so well that it doesn’t feel like work. Your zone of genius is that skill or ability you can use to improve the world.

This is my zone of genius:

I teach people to think for themselves, to integrate health with their identity and improve their wellness.

Ask yourself, “Am I bored?”

Did you find this video by chance? If you’ve watched all way to the end (or read this far), has something “sparked up” inside of you? Have my words and thoughts resonated with you?

Take a few moments, now, to ask yourself some of the questions that I’ve pondered here. Find that light inside of you and foster it. Ignite your inspiration.

Post Script

What’s really helped me to be more aware of when I slip into “bad habits” or when I’m not making the best use of my time, is my membership and affiliation in Todd Herman’s 90 Day Year Business Mastery Program.

While I’m still designing my path and the exciting new changes for EatMoveBe, I’m grateful for his leadership, training, and the many new friendships I’ve made with other like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners. These are people like me who want to create products and services of great value to enhance the lives of our customers and the people we care about.

If you’re building a business and are looking for leadership appropriate to your level of success, then check out Todd’s latest article on The Five Stages of Business Growth.