What are your biggest nutrition or fitness challenges?

What’s been your biggest nutrition or fitness challenge in 2016?

What would you like to be different in 2017? If you’re tired of setting goals and New Year’s resolutions that don’t work for you, watch the video below:


Creating goals and action plans don’t always work for health and fitness because there’s something missing from the equation: habits and skills.

To get the body you want, to improve your health and nutrition, first define what you want (your goals). Break down your goals into skills and develop those skills on a daily basis with healthy habits or actions. The more you improve and build your skills, the more likely you are to achieve your goals.

Tell me your biggest health challenges in the comments section below.

Based on your questions, I will prepare a Facebook Live presentation (date to be announced) to offer strategies to help you successfully meet your health and fitness goals in 2017.

Be well


  • Mary Coles

    I desperately need to lose weight but find it hard to do anything consistently. I go really well during the week but fall off the wagon on weekends. Help!

    • Thanks Mary. So give me an example of one thing that you do with consistency in your life. It’s easy for you to do and you don’t even think about it. Next, what’s one thing your are “trying to be consistent” with to lose weight? Why is that thing a challenge for you?

      • Mary Coles

        The only thing I consistently do every morning is get up and make myself a decaf coffee. Sundays are for researching a new diet and planning the next week. Mondays are the start of new eating plan. Sometimes I am good all day and others I sneak in a cheat food late at night. I start to falter Tuesdays, great for breakfast and lunch but dinner is a let down. Wednesdays and Thursday around the same but by Friday only breakfast is healthy. By Saturday, my inner critic has convinced me that this week was a waste of time and I should just eat anything I want and start again Monday.
        I can consistently fail by the weekend!


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