The Better Way to Squat

When did you first learn to squat? Do you remember your first visit to the gym? Did you follow instructions from a fitness magazine or a personal trainer? Well guess what? You don’t know squat, Jack! The truth is that you didn’t learn how to squat from a personal trainer, a YouTube video, or a […]


Seven Strategies to Have a More Effective Morning

Getting up on a workday morning with energy and a spring in your step can be a challenge, if not a significant struggle for many. You don’t need to be ‘alarmed’… there are a number of techniques and simply strategies to make your mornings more effective and efficient. What gets in your way of easy […]


Queering About Me

For the last year I’ve been building a niche blog, That’s been going very well and there’s still a lot to be done with that site. Teaching people how to prepare healthy meals in bulk is something I’m passionate about, and it fits well with the personal training I offer, as well as my […]


How to Defeat Analysis Paralysis — At the Gym and in Life

One early Saturday morning I went into the club where I train my clients and had an interesting conversation with someone I’ve worked with at the gym. I asked Jena how her deadlifting was coming along, since I had taught her this lift a month earlier. She said it wasn’t going that well so I asked […]


Doing Is Easy With Preparation

One of the reasons why people fail is because they didn’t prepare. Doing is a simple decision. For example, I think I’ll publish an article about preparation vs. doing this Friday. There’s only one catch: I need to write the article first (and possibly do some research, spend time editing, think about my social media […]


Greens+ Meal Replacement Smoothie

Last week I flew to Chicago to attend the Tony Robbins Seminar, Unleash The Power Within. I’ve wanted to go for many years and it was a powerful and incredibly worthwhile experience (a blog post about what I learned at the seminar is coming soon). The seminar is intense, all-day long and with only 1-2 […]


Sweat Your Tabata Ass Off!

Woke up feeling refreshed this morning. I took my dog, Buster, out for a short walk and to get a double espresso from one of my favourite coffee shops in the neighbourhood, Jet Fuel. We’ve been experiencing a ‘humidity-wave’ in Toronto this year, and on Monday the single largest rain fall in Toronto’s history caused major […]


No More Excuses!

Too Rushed To Eat? Not enough time to exercise? Want to lose 20 pounds? First ask yourself these questions: “Do I want to lose weight?’, and, “Do I want to be healthy and feel good in my body?” If your answer to either question is, Yes, then stop making excuses. Stop distracting yourself with what […]

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Cook a Week of Meals Video Course

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