Body & Soul Nutrition Seminar Series Proposal

Hi Cquen!
I’ve recorded a video for you with an overview of a group coaching program. Below the video you’ll find an outline of what I’ve discussed.

Key uniqueness and benefit of my programs

  • Interactive: participants learn through doing. Participation is required, not optional.
  • Personal accountability: simple, daily tracking or check-in measure for the duration of the group.
  • Daily challenge/games for 15-30 days to reinforce teachings and create new, healthy habits.

Transformational Nutrition & Meal Planning Seminar Series

The aim of this seminar is to simplify healthy nutrition by teach easy, daily habits, self-analysis, and personal accountability.

The program will be highly interactive. Everyone is expected to participate and “play” every day by checking in on a private Facebook group to run during the seminar series, and to “show up” with their “homework” from the previous week to each group coaching session.

Below is a rough outline of the topic for each session and what I will teach.

  1. What are your health and nutrition goals?
    1. What have you done before? What worked and what didn’t?
    2. How much do you want to learn the unsexy stuff to get what you want? What are the benefits to learning something you don’t like to get the body you want?
    3. Design an exercise to help participants find their why for doing this.
    4. Start of the Instagram meal post challenge.
  2. The basics of good nutrition to lose weight and support lean muscle growth.
    1. Healthy habits: eating slowly and to 80% full.
    2. The 90/10 rule and the problem with willpower (Halo effect, dopamine, etc.)
    3. How to track your healthy, balanced eating for your needs. Visual calorie control guide.
  3. Macronutrients: to count or not to count?
    1. Vegetables, protein, smart carbs, and fats.
    1. Use a different tracking tool each week, e.g. emotional eating, physical response to food, etc.
    2. Review IG challenge photos. How to adjust your macronutrient partitioning.
  4. How to plan and prepare meals in advance.
    1. Prepare a variety of basic meal plan templates from my cook book.
    2. Options for number of people and number of meals.
    3. Supply grocery lists
    4. Record videos to support basic cooking skills and how to prep the provided templates.
  5. Review of meal preparation and repeat.
    1. What worked, what didn’t and why?
    2. Trouble shooting.
    3. Hands on changes and planning for this week’s bulk cooking.
  6. Conclusion and review.
    1. Next steps.
    2. Option to enrol in the Precision Nutrition 12-month structured, habit-based system with private coaching support from me.


  • Program to run for 6-weeks. Each session 60-90-minutes.
  • Cost to run the seminar based on 10 participants:
    • Minimum $395 to $595 per person.
    • Body & Soul in charge of billing.
    • I’m suggesting a 60/40 commission split (60% payable to me).
    • The club stands to gross $1,580 to $2,380 for the program (based on the per person range above).
  • We can discuss upgraded the program (or offering an add-on) where I will teach a hands-on bulk cooking lesson (approx. 4-5 hours on a weekend, location TBD).

Hope this helps your to “see” what I have in mind.

Be well