The Better Way to Squat

When did you first learn to squat? Do you remember your first visit to the gym? Did you follow instructions from a fitness magazine or a personal trainer? Well guess what? You don't know squat, Jack! The truth is that you didn't learn how to squat from a personal trainer, a YouTube video, ...

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Sweat Your Tabata Ass Off!

Woke up feeling refreshed this morning. I took my dog, Buster, out for a short walk and to get a double espresso from one of my favourite coffee shops in the neighbourhood, Jet Fuel. We've been experiencing a 'humidity-wave' in Toronto this year, and on Monday the single largest rain fall in ...

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Back and shoulder muscles

How Do I Get Muscles Like That?

One night after playing volleyball, I took off my shirt to change and one of my teammates pointed towards my shoulder and asked, "How do I get muscles like that?" His question made me think. People will ask about things they want that they see in others, but they have no real desire to take ...

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