How Do You Measure the Quality of Your Life?

Change Requires New Directions

It’s not about pushing against what’s blocking you – that only creates more resistance. It’s about working through your blocks and learning what those blocks can teach you about yourself.

“I know what to do, I just can’t seem to do it.”

Let’s pull back the layers and uncover your fears, behaviours, beliefs, stories, and habits that are holding you back.

Coaching at it’s best is about asking meaningful questions. My agenda is to listen deeply to what you say, to your words and the “stories” you tell me, including body language.

Much of my skill in helping you discover your own best solutions, comes from my life experiences. Living as an out gay man has helped me understand becoming, personal growth, self-esteem, self-love, personal transformation, and compassion. These are, I hope, gifts I bring to the larger world.


Discomfort is often where the seed of growth lives

Sometimes I have to risk asking you an uncomfortable question, or one that pushes your buttons. The more open you are to confronting your fears, challenges, attitudes, and beliefs, the more you will be able to transform and develop the new muscles to take action and get what you want out of life.

Coaching is about you learning about yourself. It’s about stepping out of contemplation and working things through to the point where you take immediate action and start doing.

Coaching is not about me telling you what you need to do. It’s about you coming to your “senses” (i.e. getting completely clear about what you want), making decisive choices and then committing to accountability for your actions.

When you understand your “self”, your needs, behaviours, your strengths and weaknesses, your “why” for what you want to truly accomplish in life, the more you can make clear about what you want to do, instead of unconsciously reacting to what has always been.


Let’s Meet for a Conversation

If you’re passionate about doing the work to transform your well-being; be that your health, career, or wanting to make a difference in the world, I’d love to meet you.

During this time I want to find out more about you and if you’re an ideal person for me to work with. Ultimately if I don’t feel that connection, or if I believe there’s a better solution for you, I won’t be afraid to let you know.

There are only two agreements for this conversation
  1. I agree not to sell you anything during this call. This is purely a discovery session for each of us to learn more about the other.
  2. You agree to show up completely and truthfully. By that I mean, take the time to thoroughly complete the application questions. Book our session in your calendar and create an environment so that you can be 100% present for our conversation. If you can’t do that, consider booking a different time.

If this sounds good to you, click the button below and we’ll get started.

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