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Are You a Deep Thinker?

You’re intense and self-aware. You have more ideas than you know what do do with. Yet you struggle with a lack of focus, willpower, or motivation to commit to a single direction. You don’t need someone to tell you what to do. You already know what you need to do; you’re simply not doing it!

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Change Requires a New Direction

It’s not about pushing against what’s blocking you – that only creates more resistance. It’s about working through your blocks and learning what those blocks can teach you about yourself.

It’s Never ONE Thing that’s Holding You Back

Let’s pull back the layers and uncover your fears, behaviours, attitudes, stories, or habits that have held you back. Often it’s something you believed was once true that has kept you stuck, or an unconscious habit.

Great Coaching = Outstanding Questions

Coaching at it’s best is about asking you questions. My only agenda are your words and the “stories” you tell me; what I hear, see, and sense. My skill in helping you transform is not only in how well I listen, but in the quality of the questions I ask for you to discover your own best solutions.

Remove Road Blocks and Get Moving

Once we understand your blocks, you will take immediate action and move forward. Momentum is hardest to start, but once you get moving, progress and results becomes easier and more frequent.

Coaching Requires your Conscientious and Active Participation

Sometimes I have to risk asking you an uncomfortable question, or one that pushes your buttons. Discomfort is often where the seed of growth lives.

You have complete control over whether you want to go deeper, or change the subject. The more open you are to confronting your fears, challenges, attitudes, and beliefs, the more you will be able to transform and develop the new muscles to take action and get what you want out of life.

Coaching is like University for Achieving your Greatest Potential

Coaching is about you learning about yourself. It’s about stepping out of contemplation and working things through to the point where you take immediate action and start doing.

Coaching is not about me telling you what you need to do. It’s about you coming to your “senses” (i.e. getting completely clear about what you want), making decisive choices and then committing to accountability for your actions.

Coaching is Transformation

When you understand your “self”, your needs, behaviours, your strengths and weaknesses, your “why” for what you want to truly accomplish in life, the more you can make clear about what you want to do, instead of unconsciously reacting to what has always been.

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