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The best way to experience my coaching is to book a discovery session with me.

Darren Stehle, EatMoveBe.comLet’s set aside up to two hours for you to experience a truly deep coaching experience. I promise this call isn’t a sales presentation. This is an opportunity to explore your current situation, your desired results, and your readiness to take action to make your dreams and goals a reality.

This is how I work, and it might not be what you’re used to (which is good!). I want to make sure we’re comfortable a good fit before we even discuss the possibility of working together.

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Chose a time from schedule and complete the application form below, giving as much attention and detail as you can to each question.

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My ability to help you is based upon what you tell us about yourself and your challenges so please don’t skimp on the answers just to get the form ‘out of the way’.

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