Cook a Week of Meals in 4 Hours eBook

On Tuesday, September 30, 2014 I will launch my first eBook, Cook a Week of Meals in 4 Hours.

What is Cook a Week of Meals in 4 Hours about?

This book is about learning how to easily cook healthy, delicious meals in bulk for the entire week. The recipes are all healthy, made from scratch, good for you, and suitable for gluten-free diets.

You will learn how to shop and prepare a week’s worth of meals, ready to eat, in under 4 hours.

Who is this book for?

Sometimes it’s easier to say who this book isn’t for:

  • It’s not for vegans (sorry, I eat meat!)
  • It’s not strictly Paleo – rather it’s closer to ancestral eating (unprocessed real food)
  • It is not a diet, a detailed nutrition plan, or a program

Below are a number of the book’s pages, including the table of contents. Click on an image to see it full size.

How is this book different from anything I’ve seen available on the market today?

This is not a cookbook. Traditionally a cookbook will take you through the various courses section by section. For example, appetizers, soups, entrées, and finally desserts. Some cookbooks may be organized by regional cuisine or healthy choices, like gluten sensitivity or vegetarianism.

The focus and purpose of Cook a Week of Meals in 4 Hours is to teach you the process for how to cook an entire week of meals in one go.

To do that I structured the book in the following ways:

  • I’ve provided a limited number of recipes. The idea is to get you started with the basics but not to overwhelm you with too many choices.
  • All of the recipes are designed to complement each other.
  • As you work through the meal plans a couple of times you will start to become aware of the patterns of meal planning and preparation.
  • One of the most difficult things to teach in bulk cooking is the process. What do you start first? What goes in the oven first? What do you do while a dish is in the oven cooking? All of this is explained in the book.

Is Cook a Week of Meals in 4 Hours for the beginner or the advanced cook?

I’ve spoken with people who are great cooks but they’ve never cooked in bulk. Maybe they’ve cooked a bit extra for dinner and they had leftovers the next day, but for whatever reason they never tried to cook a few days or a week’s worth of meals in advance.

You will definitely learn something new from this book even if you’re an advanced cook.

Can I use Cook a Week of Meals in 4 Hours if I don’t know how to cook?

Yes! If you buy my book I’m assuming you want to eat healthy and save money by cooking your own food.

Even if the idea of cooking is overwhelming to you, I promise that I can help you face that challenge. I’ve structured the book so that the “kitchen-newbie” can start the process with a single meat and vegetable dish. Once you have tasted your work, you will attempt two more recipes. This is how you will build your confidence and experience.

What’s not included?

What’s outside the scope of Cook a Week of Meals in 4 Hours is the teaching of cooking techniques. But guess what? The recipes are not haute cuisine. My meals are simple and healthy and I have made every effort to make each recipe easy to prepare.

A personal note

I really believe that my book can help a lot of people. It has been my experience and observation that cooking your own food is the best way to improve and safeguard your health.

Eat well to be well!


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