Diet Analysis Coaching Call

Diet Analysis Coaching Call

What’s Wrong with my Diet?

You’re following a great workout routine, but the pounds are not coming off.

You’ve tried a number of diets but you still don’t feel great, and you might even be gaining weight.

Something isn't working and you need help

Having a Precision Nutrition Level 2 Coach review your situation will shed light on what’s missing and what action steps you can take, now, to get the results you want.

In this 1-hour coaching call, I’ll conduct a review of your 3-day diet log and other lifestyle information to discover “the biggest elephant in the room.”

I’ll give you the advice & direction you need to best succeed. You will be able to make these changes immediately.

My main reason for seeking out Darren’s advice is that I was hungry and lacking energy at work. Darren developed an understanding of my lifestyle very quickly.

In recent months my activity levels have at least doubled: I train 2-3 times a week with my team, as well as additional strength and cardio work for independent fitness, plus Saturday game day. It became obvious very quickly that I simply wasn’t feeding my body enough fuel to perform 100% physically and mentally. Who would’ve thought I’d get told to eat *more* food?! But that’s exactly what I needed.

Darren offered suggestions for pre-training snacks, tips for fast recovery, and told me it was ok to eat porridge for breakfast. Legend! Already I notice a huge difference at work — no more droopy-eyes at 3pm — but more importantly, improved performance on court as well. Just a few simple changes but thanks to his probing questions through both email and our Skype chat, he was able to offer specific advice. ~ Amanda Hillock

Included in this package

  • A set of instructions to help you get the most our of our coaching call together;
  • A 3-day diet log with guidance on how to record your meals, and;
  • A few questionnaires that can be quite revealing about your readiness for change and your social support systems.

After the call I will email you a summary of my top recommendations and action steps you can take immediately to eat healthier and get the results you have been working so hard to attain.

Book Your Diet Analysis

Diet Analysis Coaching Call

  • 3-day diet log analysis
  • In-depth questionairres to determine lifestyle factors
  • In-depth intake form to assess health and wellness factors
  • Written strategies and actions steps to improve your diet
  • $297


Eat healthy ~ Move often ~ Be well