Let Go and Dream Big

I was listening to a recording by Abraham Hicks called, “Let go and dream big.” It reminded me how I limit myself with my own perceptions.

As a little boy I had big dreams, but I started to dream smaller dreams too soon because of my health. I was always sick. I suffered ADHD. I was gay and in the closet – and at that age I didn’t know what that meant, but I knew other people knew I was an outlier. People around me generally made me feel like an outsider. I felt small, weak, and I didn’t feel recognized. Yes, there were people who believed in me and helped me, but the majority of people couldn’t connect with me.

I grew up feeling like an outsider and that pushed me deep into the closet for many years. Living in the closet kept me fearful of expansion, of expressing my truth, and even believing in the possibilities of what I could create.

If you want to achieve something amazing you need to dream big dreams

I realized this truth when I was struggling against my own limiting beliefs and conditioning. Letting go of that past conditioning is not easy. It makes me physically uncomfortable. In fact, while talking I’ve raised my shoulders. I’ve got my back up as a physiological response to the
wanting to let go, the wanting to be free!

It’s scary as fuck because in the past, if I expressed to someone what I wanted to accomplish, but it didn’t happen, then I felt like a failure. That would pull me even further backwards. And that’s ridiculous!

We need to have dreams without reason

We need to have faith in ourselves with the possibility of flexibility, with the possibility of growth and expansion, the faith that if you commit to constantly focusing on what you want to achieve, you will fail. You need to fail and accept failure to make a successful, single step forward.

I do this with my clients: I help them realize that a failure is only one of the necessary steps forward. That when you fail at something you can look at that moment and think, “Okay, what can I learn from this? What does this teach me?”

Failure doesn’t mean you won’t achieve your dream, but failure is a valuable measure of success and dream fulfillment. If you could fulfill your dreams every time you wanted something, how boring would your life become?

Each of your dreams and goals is uniquely yours, as is your path of failure allow the way to success. Failure is what strengthens us, but only if we get up, learn from the “mis-take”, and try again.

Get Out of Your Own Way

I’ve held myself back over the years. I’ve allowed myself to dream small. Dreams that I think I might be able to accomplish and that’s what’s kept me tight and restricted. That’s not a mindset of abundance. That’s basically saying, “Darren, you get to work within the construct of a box and it’s sides are your constraint. The box is your conditioning.”
I’m glad I’ve had this opportunity to realize why I’ve been so frustrated and struggling with a happiness for the last while. I’ve created this reality for myself. With self-awareness comes the opportunity for personal transformation. From now on when I catch myself thinking too small, I’ll imagine myself crushing a box in my hands, symbolizing my past conditioning.

Here’s to dreaming bigger dreams!

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