Every day I read through my Twitter feed, check out various blogs I follow, and review recipes and health information on Flipboard and through my RSS reader, Feedly.

There’s simply too much information to take in, even for me. And what should you believe?

Since my areas of expertise are cooking, nutrition, and fitness, I’ve decide to create a short, weekly EatMoveBe Health Digest of what I feel are the most important and useful articles from around the web that I recommend you to read to improve your health and fitness.

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The EMB Health Digest

Health articlesThis week detoxing is about taking care of yourself for “over-doing” it, why you need to eat more vegetables than fruit, obese women may have a learning impairment, raw milk is healthier than processed milk, and why non-fat products make you fat and hungry.

Detox the Healthy Way

“Combating extreme behavior with more extreme behavior undermines your healthstyle, because it undermines your habits. A foodist must remember––and believe––that attempting to build health through suffering hurts rather than helps.”
How to Detox Without Starving Yourself

More Fruit = More Calories

“Fruit or whole fruit anyway is certainly not “bad” or the crux of any major nutritional issue, but using it interchangeably with vegetables is nutritionally misleading and a serious error. An error that has been manipulated by advertisers for years.”
Newsflash! Fruits are NOT Vegetables.

Learned Fatness

“Obese women may have a “food learning impairment” that could explain their attitude to food, research from Yale School of Medicine suggests.”
Obese women ‘show signs of food learning impairment’

The Raw Milk Conspiracy

“The vast majority of foodborne illnesses in the US are linked to factory farmed and highly processed foods, not raw foods. For example, late last year, Chobani Greek yogurt was recalled following reports of gastrointestinal illness.”
Raw Milk versus Pasteurized—Which Is Safer?

“Non-Fat” Makes you Hungry and Fat

“…the non-fat label makes us believe that we’re consuming fewer calories than we actually are. In fact, studies show people eat as much as 35 percent more when eating a food with a “healthy” label than when they think the food is unhealthy.”
Top Five Reasons “Non-Fat” Is The Biggest Scam Ever

What health news caught your attention this week?

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