Food Storage Containers

Food storage containers

At last you can enjoy the fruits of your labour! You’ve planned a week of meals, bought your groceries, prepared the meals, cooked, and now it’s time to put everything in the fridge to enjoy throughout the week.

So how do you keep your pre-cooked meals fresh for days?

Keeping Your Meals Fresh

You’ll probably need more food storage containers than you think. Just the other week as I was putting all of my meals in the fridge I realized I was short by one container. I made do with a Pyrex glass dish that I covered with cling wrap. It wasn’t optimal since I didn’t have any containers left to pack up a meal to take with me to the club.

It helps to have a variety of sizes to accommodate different foods and for taking meals with you to work. For example, a hand-sized container for nuts, a dip, or vegetables; a large, deep container for soups and stews, and so on.

If you’re cooking in bulk you’ll need a variety of food storage containers designed to keep your meals fresh in your fridge and freezer. Be sure not to use these containers in a microwave unless the containers have a ‘microwave-safe’ label. For my next purchase I want to buy all glass containers. They are easier to clean, they last longer, they are safer (no plastic chemicals that could leech from the container into your food) and they are microwave safe.

One more thing – buy leak-proof containers. There’s nothing more annoying than having your packed lunch leak inside your gym bag or purse! That’s happened to me… in my knapsack, not my purse! 🙂 Or worse, badly designed containers with lids that don’t snap on tight and securely.

Rubbermaid 12-Piece New Premier Food Storage Container SetBuy a Container Set

This is a smart strategy since storage containers of the same brand are usually designed to stack inside each other taking less space in the cupboard. They will also stack more easily on top of each other in your fridge.

I have the Rubbermaid 24-piece set and the containers of different sizes all nest inside the other. You may need much larger containers if you have more than two people in your household.

Storage Jars & Spice Storage

Storage jars of various sizes are great for holding dry food items like nuts, oats, seeds, rice, quinoa, and spices.

For spice jars, buy a set or use small mason jars. Mason jars are great for liquid storage, e.g. if you make a salad dressing you can you put all the ingredients in the jar, shake, serve, and then store the remainder in the fridge.

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Eat well to be well!