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Watch the video, "Introduction to the 4 Pillars" 
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Introduction to the 4 Pillars

Duration: 12m 38m

Like the roof of a building supported by four walls, wellness cannot thrive if not supported by four interdependent pillars of health. These pillars depend upon each other because if one fails, the others can’t pick up the slack.

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2nd Pillar: Healthy Eating

Duration: 11m 17s 

Healthy food and a balanced diet enjoyed throughout the day keeps you well, but what's the best way to eat? Almost daily there’s a new report about the best diet for weight loss, or some incredible new super-food.

How To Improve Emotional Wellbeing - play video
4th Pillar: Emotional Wellbeing

Duration: 8m 33s 

Emotional wellbeing is like a teeter totter on a children’s playground. We are constantly adjusting where we put our attention and these decisions affect our health and wellness.

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1st Pillar: Frequent Movement

Duration: 13m 51s 

We're human beings, not human sittings! We evolved to move and we rested when tired or for sleep. Sitting all day at work isn't natural and is a product of our modern information-age society.

Sleep & Recovery-The 3rd Pillar Video Play
3rd Pillar: Sleep & Recovery

Duration: 8m 56s 

You need sleep to recover. If you don’t awaken feeling rested you are in a deprived state of wellness. Without proper rest, recovery, and sleep your mind and body can’t recover and fully regenerate from the previous day.

Build a Strong Foundation to Support Wellness - PLAY video
Conclusion: Build a Strong Foundation

Duration: 5m 17s 

The more sturdy and well-maintained each pillars of wellness, the more easily will you be able to support a healthy, active, and fulfilling life.

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