Get Your Most Important Shit Out of the Way First

What do you need to ‘get out of the way’ first thing to feel like you’ve had a great day?

Have you ever put off doing your most important shit first thing — let’s say on the weekend — because you felt that some chore, task, or business item was more important?

Perhaps you diddled and you dallied and you never really got around to doing any of the things you wanted to accomplish.

Does this ever happen to you? On a Saturday morning do you think about what you’d really like to do (something that’s important to being you) but you tell yourself that you’ll wait until later, because you need to do this chore, and that task, and such-and-such errand?

The truth depends on knowing what best sustains you.

It’s nice to have time off on the weekends but weekends are also a great time for me to have a greater focus on growing my new website without the many other distractions and time limitations that I (and we all) face during the work week.

When it comes down to effective life management, do you believe that you should do what’s best for you first?

If you don’t accomplish what’s best for you first thing, come the end of the day do you feel  disappointed, sad, or unfulfilled?

For many, weekdays can be a challenge because we have the dictates of a job (clients, office hours, projects), as well as other daily but important tasks and habits to accomplish, like walking your dog, studying to improve your skills, picking up groceries, working out, or cooking dinner. We might have a limited amount of time to do what’s best for us.

Do you resonate with any of this?

Do you ever feel ripped off if you spend your entire weekend doing chores and nothing for you?

How many of those chores must you do verses what’s most important to you?

What important ‘personal‘ tasks should you be doing first that support you and sustain who you are?

For example, last weekend I found myself facing this dilemma. By Sunday night I had accomplished a great deal of work on my new website,, but at the same time I didn’t get any physical exercise other than walking my dog.

Buster sleeping by dumbbells

That’s neither good or bad but I had decided Saturday morning that I wanted to lift weights first thing. I knew my body needed intense exercise because I was going to be sitting at my work desk for long hours all weekend.

However, I convinced myself that I would be more productive if I worked on my new website in the morning, instead of going to the gym first.

I wasn’t more productive.

I didn’t get started until sometime in the early afternoon. This wasn’t a bad thing because I actually accomplished a lot in the hours that I worked. In fact I accomplished far more than I had anticipated.

There was only one problem — when I put my computer to rest on Sunday night I felt like I was missing something vitally important. I didn’t do what was best for me, that thing that supports who I am at my core. I needed that workout.  I needed to agree with my intuition on Saturday morning that going to the gym in the morning would’ve been the best action for sustaining my lifestyle and my most important need,  my body’s physical health.

Are you missing out on fulfilling your most important, self-sustaining needs?

What’s the most important shit you need to get out of the way first, instead of pushing it to later, because you’ve convinced yourself to do mindless, unimportant chores and tasks first?

Does this happen to you during the week or on the weekends? Or every single day of your life?

We lead far too busy lives juggling numerous tasks and responsibilities. If we aren’t occupied at work or with one obligation after another, we’re like zombies starring into our smart phones. We become oblivious to being in the moment long enough to just be.

We all need downtime, especially on the weekend to rest and recover, so that we won’t burnout.

That doesn’t mean that you have to be a vegetable sitting on the couch watching one mindless television episode after another. Although sometimes that’s exactly what we need.

Downtime is about recovering for part of the time available to you on the weekend.

Downtime also means taking care of your most primary needs. Those are your personal needs and they have nothing to do with anyone else.

These are the things you need to do for yourself before you can help others.

There will always be chores, tasks, and other obligations you need to fulfill with friends, family, your partner, and your children.

Remember to schedule ‘me time’ on the weekends. You will be happier and more fulfilled. Come Sunday night you’ll feel satisfied, because you did what was best for you. You’ll be revitalized and more ready to face the week ahead.

Do the shit that’s most important to you first — that could be something fun, a task, or a project. Who cares what it is so long as you decide what you want and need to be your best!


© 2014 Darren Stehle. All Rights Reserved.

  • In a nutshell, it’s all really about procrastination! And I think the first step is to be aware of that. If there’s something we know we should be doing, but we do something else instead, we trick our minds into thinking it’s okay.

    So long as we’re not handling the “most important shit” at any given time, it’s procrastination. And like you say, it can be rest or play, not just work! But know what we want.

    Good article.

    • Hi Jers

      Totally agree. I like what Anthony Robbins says about how we ‘should all over ourselves’. Should makes us feel guilt, and I know I’m guilty of telling myself that I ‘should’ do what’s most important for me first — and that often changes day to day. Taking the time before bed or very first thing to determine and then prioritize your day helps.


  • This is an amazing post. I find that as I teach focus, I get more focused myself. For example, what sustains me is working out, drinking water and spending time with my two kids.

    I find that if I don’t get in a workout that day because I am working on stuff for clients, cleaning our whole house or whatever else comes up, that I am a huge grump all day. So taking that “me time” helps me to be a pleasant person throughout the day 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment, Shay! It’s great how we learn by doing! And in the case of having kids, imagine the alternative! What if you ignored them all day to do something else! We all try so hard to do our ‘work for others’ first, thinking that’s the most important (because we were taught to be good workers at school).

      I will be checking out more of your site shortly. I like what I see so far!



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