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Last week I flew to Chicago to attend the Tony Robbins Seminar, Unleash The Power Within. I’ve wanted to go for many years and it was a powerful and incredibly worthwhile experience (a blog post about what I learned at the seminar is coming soon).

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The seminar is intense, all-day long and with only 1-2 short breaks, if at all. For quick and easy snacks during the seminar, I brought with me  trail mix, Greens+ and Proteins+ Instant Smoothie a day supplement mixes, which I drank with water blended in a shaker bottle.

On the first day back home, in Toronto, I was short of food options as I hadn’t gone grocery shopping. I needed and wanted something healthy to eat. Using the Greens+ supplements and real food I came up with a new meal replacement.

In the following order, put in a blender:

  • ½ cup frozen mango
  • 8-10 large walnuts pieces
  • 2 handfuls organic spinach
  • 1 mini organic cucumber
  • 400 ml. Filtered Water

Cover and blend on high. When combined (about 20 seconds), add:

  • 1 scoop Genuine Health Greens+ Instant Smoothie a day (mixed fruit flavour)
  • 1 scoop Genuine Health Proteins+ Instant Smoothie a day (orange cream flavour)

Greens Smoothie

Blend another 10-15 seconds. Pour into a glass or shaker bottle and enjoy. This smoothie has a nice, thick and very palatable consistency.

Remember to take your time and chew your smoothie before you swallow. That’s right – chewing your smoothie releases saliva, which kick-starts the digestive process and reduces gastric discomfort. You are, after all, eating food that you would be chewing had it not been blended!

The total amount of whey protein concentrate is 45 grams (30 gr. per scoop Proteins+ and 15 gr. in the Greens+). If you want a lower amount of protein use half a scoop of the Proteins+.

What are the Benefits of Taking a Greens Product

Greens+ (or another green-superfood product) is a synergistic blend of plant-based ingredients that provide essential nutrients, antioxidants and energizing botanicals.Shake in cup

We don’t always eat as healthy as we can, and our foods don’t contain the level of nutrients they did 20, 30 or 40 years ago. Supplementing with a superfood as well and vitamins and minerals is a health-smart idea.

If your diet is poor, I suggest you supplement with a Greens product every day. Otherwise, use as needed, e.g. after a workout added to your recovery shake, or as a meal replacement (like the smoothie in this article).

I have used Greens+ for many years. They continue to get high reviews for quality and health benefits and I trust their products.

Do you have another Greens-type supplement that you love? Let me know as I’d like to learn about it.

Be well!

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