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If you only buy one nutrition and diet book or program this year, I highly recommend the Precision Nutrition System.

Actually don’t “buy”, instead “invest” in your health. I don’t recommend buying an untested health book or the latest diet trend cookbook or program. No offence, but just because it says “paleo” or “gluten-free” doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

What I do recommend is following a health system that is based on the open-minded understanding of both science and real world human interaction, and has helped many thousands of people world-wide.

Precision Nutrition has been around for many years. They have a massive following, but the are relatively quiet in how they promote themselves. I don’t know their marketing strategy, but my guess is that they keep a low profile, because they focus on what’s most important: research, testing and results.

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They don’t need to over promote themselves because they get incredible word of mouth from client success stories, or people like me who have been followers, and then students. In March 2016 I completed a year-long program and became a Precision Nutrition Level 2 Coach.

Here’s a little history about the company through my own eyes

I started following Dr. John Berardi, the founder of the company, almost 15 years ago. His original business was called “Science Link”, which was mostly a blog of fitness and training articles while he was a PhD student at Western University in Ontario, Canada.

He was picked up as a regular contributor for the website,, and he wrote a number of articles geared towards that audience of bodybuilders and weightlifting enthusiasts. He then went on to co-develop a post-workout recovery protein formulation for BioTest, the supplement division of T-Nation. The two-part article series that many people will remember by him was called, “Massive Eating” (Read Part 1 and Part 2) – appropriately titled for that bodybuilding readership.

John then started to do seminars and had other people write health and fitness articles on his website. He later launched the site Precision Nutrition and started to expand his offerings to include a year-long online weight-loss program for men and women; a 6-month online lean muscle gaining program for guys (which I participated in), development of the Precision Nutrition Guide, two cook books, and the Precision Nutrition ProfessionsCertifications (I am both Level 1 and Level 2 certified).Precision Nutrition Level 2 Coach

I’m confident when I say I trust the information they provide, and I base 95% of my nutritional recommendations on what I have learned from the Precision Nutrition Guide and from my studies of the Level 1 and Level 2 Certifications.

Many popular diets, nutritionist, and dietitians will tell you what you should and shouldn’t eat. What I most admire about Precision Nutrition is that they educate you first, to help you understand your own unique needs, so that you can make an informed decision.

Precision Nutrition success guideMaking dietary and nutritional changes are influenced by many factors, including,

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Quality of health
  • Physical fitness
  • Prevalence of disease or illness
  • Amount of body fat
  • Allergies

By no means is that an exhaustive list, but it’s important to state that no single diet can help everyone.

The following is a bit of play on words, but it’s also a truth:

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For example, let’s say you get caught up with the paleo diet fad and you decide to cut out certain foods that paleo gurus say you should never eat. Perhaps you feel great for a while, but in a couple of months you start to feel unwell. It could be because your diet is now imbalanced and inappropriate for your needs.

On the other hand someone could start a paleo diet, suddenly start dropping lots of unwanted body fat, feel more awake and rested and generally much improved.

Precision Nutrition Individualization guideWhy is that? The simple answer is that dietary and nutritional changes are influenced by many factors and must be appropriate and healthy for the individual.

It’s easy to leave the decisions and guidelines of what is healthy eating to a random search on the internet – to pick what seems right for you without any regard to the quality of the information or to the potential effects on your body.

There are basic foundations of health and nutrition that are extremely difficult to dispute. This is where Precision Nutrition starts – the system teaches healthy eating, offers a list of super foods you should be eating or introduce into your diet, and a period of observation.

Once you start eating healthier and establish a baseline to optimize your health, the next steps address individuality. That could include weight loss, lean muscle gain, addressing health issues like diabetes, allergies, gluten intolerance, or specific dietary choices like vegetarianism or veganism.

To be well you need to eat well. Invest in your health and save 50% off the list price of the Precision Nutrition Guide by using my affiliate link, below:

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Eat well, move often, be well.


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