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What’s Inside Healthy Meals & Snacks?

  • Avoid this most common morning snack that’s guaranteed to add more fat to your body!
  • Healthy meals and snacks you can easily make at home or buy at the store.
  • Simple changes for healthier eating to improve your health and are easy to stick with!
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Darren, in a world overflowing with people trying to tell me how to eat healthy, you understand me. You present very useful information in terms I can quickly grasp and use. I don’t ever want to count calories, but I can easily use the size of my fist as a measure. A 3:1 ratio of vegetables to fruit is simple to follow. Using a smaller plate is a fascinating, simple idea. ~ Don Fulmer

Darren Stehle


Hi, I’m Darren Stehle, creator of EatMoveBe.

I coach deep thinkers in healthy achievement, while simultaneously supporting their wellbeing.

Be well