The Flex Your Mind & Body Group Coaching Program is a 90 day virtual health, fitness, and mindset coaching program for 4 to 8 people max.

Starting in mid-July I will help you get out of your own way and make measurable progress on your health and fitness goals for the long-term.

This is NOT a quick-fix program

Instead, I take the approach of teaching healthy habits and behaviours that you practice slowly, with each new habit building upon the success of the last one.

The group part of the program runs for 90 days. We will meet for a group call three times per month (once per week) over the three-month program.

You will have access to a private Facebook group, as well as coaching and email support from me as needed.

Your success in the program is supported over the longer term of 12 months using software to teach you practical nutrition, healthy habits, and to help with developing a mindset of success and taking action.

You will also have access to exercise programming that is customizable to any body type, gender, physical ability, and fitness goals.

Ready to make a lasting transformation to your body and health?

Let’s talk and find out what solution works best for you.

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Cook a Week of Meals Video Course

Learn my methods and strategies to make bulk meal preparation easy and time-efficient.

Cook a week of meals video program
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    Improve your health when you cook and eat your own meals.
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    Eliminate the stress of coming home hungry and too tired to cook.
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    Save money, save time, and even lose weight eating meals you cooked for yourself.