No More Excuses!

Too Rushed To Eat?

Not enough time to exercise?

Want to lose 20 pounds?

First ask yourself these questions: “Do I want to lose weight?’, and, “Do I want to be healthy and feel good in my body?”

If your answer to either question is, Yes, then stop making excuses. Stop distracting yourself with what you ‘tell yourself’ is more important than having a healthy body (like work).

No More Excuses!

Commit to changing your habits and get over it – get up 20 minutes earlier to eat a healthy breakfast; book a personal appointment to exercise for 20-30 minutes.

Don’t know how to do it?

Here’s the solution in two steps:

Step 1: Eat real food – food that doesn’t come pre-packaged or in a box with a list of ingredients that is 20 items long.

Buy fresh, whole fruits and vegetables; deli cuts of meat that you cook for yourself at home; lastly, wholesome beans and whole, unprocessed grains like quinoa, brown rice, millet, barley, kidney beans, black beans, etc.Assorted Vegetables

Step 2: Exercise more – Just do it. Go for a vigorous 30-minute walk three times per week; go for a run; lift weights three times per week; attend a group fitness class; hire a personal trainer to show you what to do.

Avoid Analysis Paralysis

Instead of thinking about what you need to do – reading articles, asking friends what they have done – make a decision right now to take a step toward that action.

Don’t worry about the end goal (i.e. how many pounds you want to loose), just go do it right now, or put the new habit/task in your calendar for later today, or tomorrow latest, and do it.

The longer you delay implementing your new habit, the less likely you will do it in the first place.

Personal growth guru Tony Robbins is known for saying that you should never leave the moment of setting down a new goal or habit without taking immediate action to reinforce that habit.

So, if you decide to get active, go run, now! If you decide to eat healthy, go to the grocery store and buy healthy food for your next meal. Now!

We tend to get bogged down in wanting to do research first before taking action. We all know the basics of health and fitness (eat healthy and exercise regularly). It is better to take action on implementing and practicing your new and healthy habit(s) so that they replace your ‘bad’ habit(s); worry about the exact details over time.

If you start a running program, for example, commit to running three days per week. During the week, learn more about running. Buy a good book on running technique, join a local running group, hire a running coach, or sign up for a half or full marathon and work out the training details while you are running, week to week.

If you start a healthy eating program, buy 5-7 days of healthy food and start eating healthy. Throw out all the pre-packaged foods from your kitchen. You can buy a basic cookbook or enroll in an introductory cooking class at your local community college.

Whatever the follow-up details and actions may be, take immediate action on your new habit and learn more along the way as you grow and improve in your health and fitness.

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