If there were only two words to describe you they would be: DEEP THINKER.

You love being inside your head, coming up with cool ideas, and pondering life's mysteries. It's the safest place to be whoever you want.

There's only one problem. To achieve anything worthwhile you need to get "out of your head" and into action. And sometimes it's freaking challenging to do it on your own.

You are a creative, honest, and vulnerable person who is open to learning new things. But sometimes you, 

  • Hold yourself back with self-criticism or over-thinking, which causes you to get stuck not knowing what ideas or projects to focus on.
  • Be a pleaser or someone who feels they are the only one who can fix things.​

I understand how much of a challenge it can be to,

  • Become the person you've imagined in your mind.
  • To do great work and have an impact in the world.
  • To have the time, focus, and energy to create something meaningful that will improve the life of someone you love.

These have been my challenges, which have transformed into my greatest strengths.

The more you flex your mind to overcome challenges, the more you feed the power within you to succeed at whatever you decide to create.

There is no time to wait. There is only now.

The "examined life" of self-awareness scares some people. Many of us have suppressed the feelings, desires, dreams, and hopes we had as kids. It's easy to be complacent – to go with the flow – but that will never amount to anything inspiring. 

Once you discover what you really lights you up, it's hard to go back. Change has consequences and your life might feel uncomfortable while you do the work to improve you place in the world. 

I’m here to help you expand, slowly...

My role is listen so deeply to what you’re not saying that I can ask you the questions you’re most afraid to answer. That’s where the magic happens and that’s where the shift begins so that you can transform and come out of the box you’ve built up around yourself.

Each of us has a self-constructed box that limits us. The habits, routines, and beliefs that might have served you in the past are also the things that are holding you back from your next biggest success and from becoming fully you.

EatMoveBe: Bio​

EatMoveBe is as diverse as I am. I started in the healthy and fitness industry in 2002. Since then I've written a few books, operated a few websites, and eventually launched EatMoveBe.com in 2014. I have a chef training background, a degree in German Language and Linguistics, and a penchant for continuing education and self-growth. 

You’ll find a wide variety of articles on EatMoveBe, everything from mindfulness, personal growth, health, fitness, nutrition, recipes, and deeply personal posts. My intention is to speak purposefully, honestly, to be vulnerable, and to take risks.

My mission is to help you raise your consciousness about what's possible.

There's nothing more powerful and transformative than having a growth mindset and taking complete responsibility for your actions. It's your responsibility to take care of you, first!

I'm here to serve you as a fearless coach, to help your break out of your box to transform your health, your wellbeing, and your life!

Darren Stehle

Darren Stehle: Short Bio

All my life it feels like there’s an injustice about being a fully out, completely self-accepting gay man.

​The closet is a powerful container. I was locked away until I was 18 and came out to my closest friends after my last year of high school.

But I never stopped coming out. No matter how far out I am, I seem to always carry a bit of the closet around with me. It may be that I say something in such a way that’s generic or gender neutral. Being complicit and purposefully vague provide shadows, safety, and avoids risk.​ 

My life experiences as a gay man have helped me to work as a powerful coach to delve deeper beyond the surface of what someone says – to really listen and hear their truth.

Click here to discover more about "who I am."​

Whenever I’m discouraged by a bad eating week or training day you’d mention where I’ve come from and how much progress I’ve already made. You have a confidence that I’ll succeed which is infectious. I’d see how you’d adapt to find ways to explain new exercises or habits, and get into my head to figure out what was holding me back. Finally it’s you’re overall attitude. You don’t ever let me quit. You care about the whole person. You take the time to have a discussion because sometimes training is as much in the head as with the muscles.

Brent Knowles 
Toronto, ON