The “See the Gift in Everything” 30 Day Experiment

See the gift in everything 30 day experiment

I know many people, myself included, find it challenging to keep a “positive outlook” in this age of bad news. It’s easy to focus on what’s not working. BUT we can change this by “Seeing the Gift in Everything.” While these can be challenging times, our perspective will dictate how we respond emotionally to the events […]


Let Go and Dream Big

Are you dreaming big enough dreams

I was listening to a recording by Abraham Hicks called, “Let go and dream big.” It reminded me how I limit myself with my own perceptions. As a little boy I had big dreams, but I started to dream smaller dreams too soon because of my health. I was always sick. I suffered ADHD. I […]


Comfort is a Lack of Change

Comfort is Lack of Change

Where does comfort exist in your life in relation to change? Some people feed their dogs better than they feed themselves. They might not be fully conscious of why. They might think they’re doing the best thing for their dog. And they are. The dog doesn’t have a choice in what he gets to eat. […]


Feeling Sorry for Yourself? Here’s What to Do About It.

Feeling Sorry for Yourself

The other morning I realized I was feeling sorry for myself. I decided to give some thought to why and how this happened. What was I feeling sorry about? I was feeling sorry for myself that I was tired, emotionally drained, that I was working really hard, that I was worried about money, and that […]


The Flex Your Mind Project (Facebook Group)

Flex Your Mind Group Cover

In the summer of 2005 I self-published my first book, Flex Your Mind: Integrate Mind and Body to Achieve Fitness Excellence. Why did I chose to publish a book only two years after starting in the health and fitness industry? How did the book inform my actions going forward, if at all? I wrote Flex Your Mind to share my […]


What Are Your Reasons for Eating Out at Restaurants?

Recently one of my clients emailed me with his “Reasons for eating out at restaurants.” I was intrigued because during a coaching session earlier in the week I had asked him to consider how some of his lifestyle choices were affecting his weight loss goal. Here is what he wrote: My response (name changed to protect […]


How to Meditate Easily and Quickly (No apps needed)

How to Meditate Easily and Quickly - no apps needed

You can learn how to mediate easily and quickly, without an app, a book, a class, or a program. I remember looking into transcendental meditation 15 or 20 years ago. I was shocked that it cost over $2,500 dollars to learn the practice. Whoever controls this information has done an exceptional job of making it impossible to […]