Top Health, Nutrition and Fitness Articles – 05 March 2015

Top Health, Nutrition, Fitness Articles 05 March 2015

Starting this week (and usually every Thursday) I will publish a list of the top articles from around the net in three categories: Healthy Recipes & Cooking, Health & Nutrition, and Physical Fitness.

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Top Article of the Week

Save Time & Get Fit Faster With Sprint Training: Try These 11 Super Sprint Protocols – Poliquin Group

For the last couple of years Tabata-style training and cardio, and sprint training have become the “in-thing” to burn more body fat in a shorter period of time. But is it just a fad? Absolutely not!

While running for distance and duration may be necessary for a marathon runner, the rest of us probably want to drop a few pounds of fat and we don’t want to be bored out of our minds siting on a stationary bike for 30+ minutes.

What I like about this article is that you are presented with a number of sprint options based on your goals.

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Top Healthy Recipes & Cooking Articles

Easy, Oven-Baked Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas – Monica Matheny

5-Minute Spanish-Style Bean Salad is an Hors D’oeuvres Star – J. Kenji López-Alt

Chili Meatloaf – Marc Matsumoto

Top Health & Nutrition Articles

What you don’t know about willpower – Krista Scott-Dixon

Gluten Sensitivity is Real, and “Wheat-Free” is Not Just a Fad — Kris Gunnars

What I Learned From My Month of No Sugar, Alcohol and Caffeine – Phoebe Lapine

10 Evidence-Based Fat-Burning Foods and Beverages – Kris Gunnars

Top Physical Fitness Articles

Do You Need to “Feel the Burn” After Each Workout? – Jonathan Goodman

Eight Exercise Training Tips To Eliminate Low Back Pain FOREVER – Poliquin Group

Core Confusion: The Truth About Squats & Deads – Nick Tumminello

Eat Well – Move Often – Be Well!