Top Health, Nutrition and Fitness Articles – 19 March 2015

Top Health, Nutrition And Fitness Articles – 19 March 2015

Each Thursday I publish a list of the top articles from around the net in three categories: Healthy Recipes & Cooking, Health & Nutrition, and Physical Fitness.

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Top Article of the Week

Settling the great grain debate. Can wheat and other grains fit into a healthy – and sane – diet? – Brian St. Pierre

There’s a lot of crap online about gluten. There are more food blogs that make their living creating gluten-free recipes. Honestly, it’s more about following trends and getting high rankings in Google than it is about understanding gluten-intolerance.

While some of these food bloggers produce wonderful and healthy recipes that contain no gluten or wheat products, they’re often missing the crux of the matter.

Celiac disease is difficult to diagnose and it’s still not well understood, but it’s estimated that only 1% of the population is affected. For those who truly suffer this disease they do need to avoid wheat and gluten to live and feel well.

Many people confuse grains with carbs, and whole grains with processed grains. Unaltered grains like rice, buckwheat, quinoa, etc. have fantastic health properties that should be part of most people’s dietary intake. The problems start when grains are processed and the bran and germ are removed, taking with it the majority of healthy nutrients.

It’s when those grains become part of a processed box of cereal filled with chemicals, preservatives and added sugars, that the problems begin.

What’s even worse are the “gluten-free” products that are over-processed and filled with unnatural ingredients that you probably wouldn’t feed to your dog!

What science has recently discovered is that people who “appear to be” gluten-intolerant are actually suffering from FODMAPs, “…carbohydrates that are found in some grains but also in dairy, vegetables, fruits, and many other foods.”

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Top Healthy Recipes & Cooking Articles

How to Cook: Roasted Salmon – Mark Bittman

Shrimp Scampi – Elise Bauer

Something fishy going on…

Random coincidence that my top choices this week are both fish, but I selected these recipes because they are both easy, quick to make, and take a lot of the guesswork out of cooking fish.

Top Health & Nutrition Articles

A Cheese ‘Product’ Gains Kids’ Nutrition Seal – Stephanie Strom

What do you think when you read, “the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics” (AND)?

Would you think that this is a group you can trust? That this trade group representing 75,000 registered dietitians and other nutrition professionals would look out for consumers’ best interests?

Well it seems that Kraft has given them a lot of money (note that Kraft isn’t the only mass-production processed food company that has sponsored AND). Kraft has been given approval to use AND’s “Kids Eat Right” label on their cheese singles product.

This is sad, discouraging, and in my opinion disgusting. Kraft Singles are a processed “milk product”, which gets about as far away from real food as you can get.


I am participating in the #RepealTheSeal campaign to show my disagreement with the Academy’s recent decision to allow the Kids Eat Right logo onto food packaging. I invite my colleagues and bloggers who share this opinion, or who support this campaign, to also post this Open Letter on their own blog, to sign the petition at, and/or to use #RepealTheSeal hashtag via social media.

On Meal Frequency Flexibility & Sustainable Fat Loss Strategies – Nate Miyaki

Nate is the author of “The Truth About Carbs”, which is one of the best books I’ve read about the subject. Nate has a knack for making the complex easy, making fun of himself, and offering solutions from real-world experience, both with his own clients and his own body.

The big debate about how many meals to eat, which usually becomes some over-hyped oh-so-cool-latest-diet-fad every few years, is actually not a debate worth having.

How many meals you eat per day depends on you: your level of activity, your age, you stress, lifestyle, physique goals, etc. Nate tackles the conventional 3-meals per day convention and explains why this approach might work for some people wanting to lose fat.

Top Physical Fitness Articles

Build Glutes That Melt The Internet – Nick Tumminello

Who doesn’t like a hot ass!

Now that I have your attention please note that when you read this article the first image you’ll see is a woman’s behind. Whether you like that sort of thing is not the point! 🙂

The point is, this is an excellent article that goes through a some fantastic variations for hip-thrusts, probably the second best exercise for developing glutes after the deadlift. Nick has some excellent variations that I tried yesterday at the gym that, well, kick-ass!

Eat Well – Move Often – Be Well!