Top Nutrition Tips – Conclusion

Final Thoughts

This is the end of my 7-Top Nutrition Tips series of articles. Below is a summary of the most important points. For more detail you can find all of the articles here on my blog.

Meal Timing: never get so hungry that you over eat.

Don’t miss meals early in the day. NEVER miss breakfast!

Healthy BreakfastControl your insulin release: this is caused when too much sugar is ingested or when you eat highly processed carbohydrates without protein and healthy fats (like white bread, muffins, breakfast bars, fruit yogurts, fruit drinks, bagels, etc.).

Eating more frequent, equal-sized meals (every 3-4 hours) will offer a constant, low-level release of insulin. If you are eating to lose body fat, you can reduce the size of your meals as the day progresses.

Some foods trigger more insulin release than others. Use the Glycemic Index (GI) to determine which foods provide a lower level. Choose foods with a GI rating less than 70. (See Ray Strand’s Book, Healthy For Life)

Eating fibre and healthy fats together in a meal will slow the release of insulin.

Egg over Wild GreensAvoid simple carbohydrates later in the day and reduce carbohydrate intake later in day if your goal is to lose body fat.

Drink a lot of water.

Use selected dietary and supplemental fats to contribute to lowering body fat (high quality fish oils and flax oils rich in Omega-3 fatty acids).

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Nutritional information and record-keeping: start writing down what and how much you eat. The only way you can measure your progress is to set goals based on where you want to go and where you currently are.

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