How Can I Support You?

Coaching is all about you and what you want. It doesn’t matter whether I’m helping you with your health and fitness, achieving a short-term goal, or a large, highly impactful life-changing personal or business goal. In our work together there will only ever be one person to whom you are accountable: YOU.

Your Commitment

There will be no expectations, only agreements, You agree to…

  1. Show up and take 100% responsibility for all your actions.
  2. Hold yourself accountable to whatever you say you will do and your success.
  3. Focus and implement your daily practices and habits, not the performance.

I agree to…

  1. Champion your truth.
  2. Serve you to the best of my ability with all my skills, insight and intuition, and to take risks by calling you out when you’re holding yourself back or getting in your own way.
  3. Never prescribe or tell you what to do. My role is that of deep listener and advisor.

Ultimately you have all of the best answers within you. The reason you’re hiring me is to help you pull those answers from deep within the well of your individual uniqueness. My role is to help you stay on track, to remain present and in love with the process, and to maintain clarity with your intentions.

Your Investment

There are three ways of working with me right now.


Health and Fitness Online Transformation Coaching Program Details

3 - 4 MONTHS

Personal Achievement Coaching (Online) Learn More

In-Person Fitness Coaching (Toronto) Learn More


I offer group programs at different times to help people develop in a specific area and to benefit from working through the process with others. Current Group Programs

The work we do together is process and outcome based

I don’t charge by the hour. We will agree to a framework of what works best to help you get what you want.

Whatever Coaching Program You Choose…

Let’s book a couple of hours for a conversation. Think of this as an intimate coffee chat. We might need all of the time, or it might not.

During this conversation I want to find out more about you. I want to discover if you’re an ideal person for me to work with. The same is true for you. We can like someone, but not feel a connection. Ultimately if I don’t feel that connection, or if I believe there’s a better solution for you, I won’t be afraid to let you know.

There are only two agreements for this conversation:

  1. I agree not to sell you anything during this call. This is purely a discovery session for each of us to learn more about the other.
  2. You agree to show up completely and truthfully. By that I mean, take the time to thoroughly complete the application questions. Book our session in your calendar and created environment so that you can be 100% present for our conversation. If you can’t do that, consider booking a different time.

If this sounds good to you, click the button below and we’ll get started.

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