Welcome to the Launch of Eat∙Move∙Be

This is a very exciting moment for me and I trust that Eat∙Move∙Be will be at the top of your health and fitness reading list.

Eat Real Food ~ Get Moving ~ Be Your Very BestTuna salad

That’s the tagline for Eat∙Move∙Be and what I’m endeavouring to teach. I believe your wellness depends upon this triad — we need to eat real, unprocessed, healthy foods to support and sustain optimal health for our bodies and minds.

With that nutritional base of support we can move more easily and regularly. With frequent physical activity we can keep our bodies strong, flexible and vibrant. When we don’t eat well we tend to feel sluggish, slow, and even uncomfortable or in pain.

However, with a well-nourished, active, and physically strong body you can live your life to the fullest and be your very best. Conversely, when you feel unwell in any way it’s challenging to focus on personal fulfillment.

Whether in-person coaching or online support is what you need, I’m here to help you learn how to be fit and healthy for life.

Eat∙Move∙Be Basic Principleshonest weight

Honesty, simplicity and truth — these are my basic operating principles. I will do my best to teach the fundamentals of health and fitness that have always existed.

As a society many of us are unaware or have forgotten these basic healthy fundamentals. With cuts to basic education across North America children are rarely taught how to eat well. Too many schools have lucrative deals with fast food suppliers as a source of revenue, resulting in kids eating unhealthy, genetically modified processed pseudo-foods and getting fat.

We are bombarded by fast food chains and mass-produced food companies, who use misleading marketing tactics and outright false advertising to increase their bottom line at the expense of our health. The use of the word, “Healthy”, in advertising is one of the biggest jokes in the industry.

My goal is to expose the truth and to show you viable, healthy options so that you can make an informed choice, not based on the latest supplement scam, fitness trend, popular product, mumbo-jumbo guru, or fad diets.

Beware of the ‘guru’ who claims to be teaching a new fundamental — the foundations of wellness have never changed because they have always existed.

Let’s chat — use the discussion form at the bottom of each post to share your thoughts, suggestions, and questions.