There are some things in life that matter much more than other things.

What Matters Most In Your Life?

We can only accomplish so much in a single day.

Yet we are taught to strive, to push hard, to persevere, and to potentially suffer through life while pursuing our goals.

When we feel like we’re falling behind it’s common to compare our progress with others.

The Truth of Accomplishment

What Matters Most in Life?

What I can accomplish is different from what you can accomplish.

[Tweet “We can’t compare each other’s accomplishments because in truth there’s nothing to compare.”]

What matters most in life is what comes from your emotional or spiritual being, not your accomplishments.

By this I mean, who are you?

What Makes you Who You Are?

What do you stand for?

What matters most to you?

What moves you to tears and what makes you laugh uncontrollably?

Those are the things that matter most in life.

Not work.

Not your career or your business.

Not how much money you earn, make or have.


You can lose your money, your job and your career in an instant.

However, no one can take away your spirit, your inner essence.

Sure, you could choose to surrender your soul to someone else, but that person still can’t take that part of you against your will.

Ask yourself, “What are the most important things in my life that make me happy?”

Choose to do more of those ’meaningful’ things every day without the interference of what the outside world expects you to do.

[Tweet “Live for your own life not for someone else’s bottom line.”]

Also be mindful if you’re self-employed or an entrepreneur not to live for the bottom line of your business.

Your business or career are not your life.

This becomes painfully true if you lose your business or your job.

Remember To Breathe


Stop long enough to breathe in the spirit of who you truly are.

If you don’t understand what that means practice a breathing meditation.

By focusing on your in-breath (count to three as you breathe in) and focusing on your out-breath (count to six as you breathe out) you’ll become aware of who you are in this present moment.

Without breath, without regular ‘inspiration’ we cannot exist. This is why breath awareness is the foundation of all mediation.

[Tweet “There is nothing more important to life, to your living, than your continual ‘in-spiration.'”]

Remember What Matters Most

When we forget to be who we are we can feel stressed out or emotionally drained.

When we stop getting caught up in what we have to accomplish, or comparing ourselves to others, we have the opportunity to see what matters most.

When will you stop to breathe long enough to experience your truth?

When will you take time to remember what matters most in your life?

This is what matters most to me:

Transparent Darren

Inspiration For This Post

I began this post sitting on a plane. I was able to stop long enough, knowing my destination was a one-week vacation. I finally felt relaxed and able to feel the truth of my being. Ironically I was inspired by something I heard on a podcast about achieving a better work-life balance (The Fizzle Show #59).


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