How can I support you?

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Health & Achievement Coaching

I coach people to flex their mind, get out of their own way, and raise their consciousness about what’s possible.

Let's work through your obstacles and map out a new direction to make forward movement easier, and to reach your goals faster.

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Health & Fitness Program

How many times have you tried to lose weight but failed?

Did you quit because life got in the way, or because you didn't make much progress? Did you sabotage yourself or lose the motivation to continue?

It’s easy to set goals like, “I want to lose 15 pounds”, but how do you make that happen? Why haven't you succeeded in the past?

What's missing in most fitness programs are the healthy behaviours and daily actions you need to practice to lose the weight, get the body your want, and optimize your wellness – no matter how busy your schedule. 

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Mobility & Strength Training

I work in-person in the downtown Toronto core, either at your home or condo gym, or at a private studio on the Esplanade. 

Not in Toronto? Not a problem! Check out the link above this one for my online Nutrition & Fitness Program. 

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Bulk Cooking Instruction

I specialize in helping busy people learn how to create easy, healthy meal plans, and how to cook nutritious meals in bulk for the week to save hours of time. 

This service is only available in the Greater Toronto Area.