How Can I Support You?

What Do You Want Most?

When I meet someone new I like to ask them, "What do you want most?"

Their first answer is usually never what they most deeply desire. ​Ask yourself right now, "What do I want most?"

Then ask yourself "Why do I want (insert your answer)." 

Ask "Why" yet again of each new, deeper insight.

You should know what you truly want in about 4 to 6 "Whys"You will feel it, like an "A-ha" moment. 

Discover how to bring your strengths and creativity fully into the world and achieve more than you ever thought possible. 

Darren Stehle

If you're ready to commit to creating what you want most, here's how I can support you:

Measuring Waist Circumference

One-on-One Powerful Coaching

​I specialize in working with deep thinkers and help them forge a clear path to success while supporting their health and wellbeing.

My clients are often women or gay men. They are highly educated, and well-read. They are determined to improve themselves and to make an impact in their world, either through their work or a creative project. They know that change starts on the inside.


Nutrition Coaching Program

It takes time to change old habits. Improving your nutrition and eating habits, especially when they might be a source of comfort, takes time. I'll help you find the biggest limiting factors and help you establish an action plan leading to long-term successful change. 

Make health improvements in “bite-sized” amounts with the Precision Nutrition 12-month habit-based nutrition program.

Darren Stehle Squatting

Strength Training in Toronto & Online

I work with clients in person in the downtown Toronto core, either at the Adelaide Club, or out of your home/condo (equipment permitting). 

Not in Toronto? Not a problem! I specialize in online program design and virtual monitoring for your health and fitness success.

Slow Cooker Chili Con Carne

Private Cooking Instruction

I specialize in helping busy people learn how to create easy, healthy meal plans, and how to cook nutritious meals in bulk for the week to save hours of time. 

This service is only available in the Greater Toronto Area. 

Slow Cooker Chili Con Carne

Diet & Lifestyle Analysis 

You’re following a great workout routine, but the pounds are not coming off. You’ve tried a number of diets but you still don’t feel great, and you might even be gaining weight.

In this 60-90 minute coaching call, I will review your 3-day diet log and intake questionnaires. I’ll provide action steps and habits for you to start immediately to succeed in your weight-loss goals. 

Flex Your Mind Group Cover

The Flex Your Mind Project

I created this Facebook group to help you flex your mental muscle and resolve the challenges and obstacles blocking achievement and personal growth. 

This is a private (you can’t read posts unless you are a member), supportive group to partake in thoughtful, meaningful conversations with other deep thinkers.​