Here’s Why Weight-loss Goals Don’t Usually Work

It’s easy to set a goal to improve your health (like “I want to lose 15 pounds”) and then maybe you follow a diet or a meal plan, and start working out. How’s that working for you?

For many people at some point they give up because life gets in the way, they haven’t seen much, or any progress, and they simply lose the willpower and motivation to continue.

What’s often missing from the goal is the habits needed to help you succeed. A habit-based approach looks like this: break down what you want to do (your goals) into skills and then develop those skills with daily actions. The more you improve and build your skills, the more likely you are to achieve your goals.

Enter habit-based health and nutrition coaching

Improving your eating and health habits that have been developed and repeated for years requires new skills and new habits to change. It’s easier to make lasting health improvements when we learn something in small “bite-sized” amounts and practice that “small” habit every single day.

Over time you’ll begin to see incremental improvement as each new habit builds upon the earlier ones. Most importantly, you will see and feel the positive changes to your body and health.

Men’s program: A look inside

Women’s program: A look inside

Here’s how the nutrition coaching software works.

Precision Nutrition Coaching is a one-year program that uses a client-centered, habit-based approach to help clients lose fat, gain strength, and improve their health.

Each day you’ll receive an email with what’s on for that day. You’ll log in to your account to read a lesson, which supports your bi-weekly habit. You’ll mark whether or not you’ve read their lesson and practiced your habit for the day.


Habits and lessons are cumulative and coherent, with each habit and lesson building the skills for future habits and lessons. This is the benefit of a habit-based curriculum. This is a purposeful program, plan, and progression based on the best practices of client learning, engagement, and development.

Every week you can measure and record your progress. This can be body measurements or other indicators (such as energy levels, mood, or habit consistency).

share progressEvery 2 weeks you will get a new habit to practice.


Every month you can upload progress indicators such as photos, body measurements, etc. Note: photos are entirely optional and your images are safe and private. Only you and your coach can see your photos.

share progress with image You can review your personal data and see improvements over the course of the program.

The program tracks how consistent you’re being with particular habits. If you’re finding a habit difficult, send me an email within the app, or we can discuss solutions during one of our coaching calls.
Nutrition Coaching habit tracking

One of your first steps when you start coaching with me is to complete an intake questionnaire so that I can get to know you better, and learn about your nutrition knowledge, goals, and activity level.
Nutrition Coaching ProCoach intake form

Lastly the program prompts you to consider your progress with open-ended questions.
reflection questions

People do their best when they have strong, supportive relationships with a mentor or coach.

I have always done better when I’ve had a coach. My current coach is helping me take more risks and be more vulnerable to build a business that feels authentic, exciting, and helps me create clients that I love to work with.

Most of us need some amount of support. It’s not a sign of weakness or incompetence, but most of us perform better when we get help and guidance when we need it.

As you work through the nutrition coaching program, even with the best daily habits, ongoing progress tracking, accountability, and dealing with obstacles, sometimes you’ll get stuck. This is where I show up to offer thoughtful, patient, empathic coaching as you go through this journey.

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