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Why Coaching with Darren Stehle and the Precision Nutrition Program Gets Results.


Learning how to slow down helps you to re-gain control. You have the power to make healthy decisions based on your core values. Chose what you want to focus on, today, to make small, but consistent improvements.


There are things you can't control, like how many calories your body will burn when you exercise, or how rested you'll feel in the morning. What you can control are your behaviours,  and what you can do in this moment. 


Your environment can affect your choices (your home, work, friends and family). When you change or modify your environment, you no longer worry about the things that make it hard to change.  


Who we say we are and who we want to be are both stories. Learn how to write a new story about you as a fit and healthy person, and then surround yourself with the systems, support, and people that make it easy to be fit!

What You Can Expect from the EatMoveBe Coaching Program

12 months of personal nutrition & fitness coaching to get you into the best shape of your life.

Get the body you've always wanted.

Lose weight, build strength, have more energy. Whatever your goals, I will help you get there. By the end of 12 months you’ll be in better shape than you thought possible.

Get control of your health, without sacrificing your time.

No more fad diets or insane workouts. You have enough to do and you’re already short on time. I'll take care of the details while you focus only on one step at a time.

Tiny habits lead to massive results.

No more complex nutritional goals. I'll break things down into small, strategic daily practices. You’ll develop healthy habits that will add up to massive body transformation and last a lifetime.

Nutrition and fitness that fit into your life.

We’ll start with you – your life, needs, and goals. Then we’ll develop a personalized plan to help you eat, move, and live better — in a way that fits into your real, everyday life.

Guidance and support from a world-class Pn2 Coach.

With 15 years in the industry and as a Level 2 Precision Nutrition Coach, I'll help you with consistency, direction, and support every step of the way.

Science-based & proven in the real world.

Precision Nutrition coaching methods have been tested and proven with nearly 50,000 clients to date. PN continually improves their program based on the latest research in nutrition, exercise, and psychology.

About Darren Stehle

Precision Nutrition Level 2 Coach
Darren Stehle,

To achieve anything worthwhile you need to get "out of your head" and into action.

I started in the health and fitness industry in 2002. I continually seek to improve my skills and personal growth in a variety of ways with both experiential and traditional learning.

I've written a few books, launched a few websites, and have operated since 2014.

I'm passionate about teaching and speaking and have been publishing videos five days per week to help people flex their mind and nourish their wellbeing. I also have a chef training background and a degree in German Language & Linguistics.

I'm here to serve you as a fearless coach, to help you raise your consciousness for what's possible to transform your health, your wellbeing, and your life!

See Exactly How ProCoach Works.

Every day, through the online coaching platform, you’ll get a lesson, a workout, and a habit to practice. Watch the videos to see how the program works.

The Men's Program

See how ProCoach for Men will transform your body.

The Women's Program

Take a look inside how ProCoach for Women will transform your body.

The Workouts

Workouts are customizable by goals, ability, exercise, gym or home. 

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What People are Saying...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )
Tamara Jan17

I have learned the value of integrating healthy choices into my lifestyle.

“Darren is the only coach who has made a significant impact on my overall wellbeing. I’ve utilized most of Darren’s services, including personal training, assisted stretching, nutritional advice and meal planning. 

Once you work with Darren I find it’s very difficult to turn anywhere else because he truly is the best. He is highly knowledgable and has provided me with excellent tools to make the maintenance of my fitness and nutritional habits a breeze.”

Tamara Jacobs
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )
Amanda Hillock of

I was hungry and lacking energy at work.

“In recent months my activity levels have at least doubled: I train 2-3 times a week with my team, as well as additional strength and cardio work for independent fitness, plus Saturday game day. It became obvious very quickly that I wasn’t feeding my body enough fuel to perform 100% physically and mentally. Who would’ve thought I’d get told to eat *more* food?! But that’s exactly what I needed.

"Darren offered suggestions for pre-training snacks, tips for fast recovery, and told me it was ok to eat porridge for breakfast. Legend! Already I notice a huge difference at work, no more droopy-eyes at 3pm, but more importantly, improved performance on court as well."

Amanda Hillock 
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Your feedback on how I can remain consistent has been great!

“Darren, your feedback and your thoughts/ideas on how I can remain more consistent with my habits and building a healthy, workable foundation have been great!

"I appreciate having a platform through which I can touch base every day, that keeps me engaged so that I don't get lazy and stop putting in the work and effort, and that challenges me in incremental steps.”

Jon Langley

Ready to Make a Lasting Transformation to Your Health, Fitness AND Wellbeing?