Bored with Water? Not After Reading This

Bored with water?Bored with water?

I love water. I drink it all day long. Sometimes I crave the cool, refreshing, and satisfying hydration it provides. I down a glass and still want more. Nothing trumps water as my “drink of choice.”

I filter my drinking water with a Brita system, because nothing ruins water more than the smell or taste of chlorine as I bring the glass to my lips.

But not everyone shares my love for water au naturel. Over the years I’ve had to help many clients “learn” how to drink more water during the day, finding the right trigger to make drinking water a habit. For some there was no other reason than they don’t get up from their work desk enough. For others, they just don’t like water. What? You don’t like water?

This is definitely the case in today’s guest post by Chris Narbone. An avid runner and passionate about technology, he operates a blog where he brings those two passions together at Amplify Running. What follows are his tips on how to make water more enjoyable – for those of you who are not water purists like myself! 🙂

Bored with Water? Not After Reading This

By Chris Narbone

Water has so many benefits from weight loss to digestion to physical performance. Our bodies need water – why then is it so tough to drink it regularly?

For me it’s the taste – there is none! As a runner, hydration is key especially since I’m in marathon training. Sport drinks have their place in training but ultimately they are not a  substitute for water.

So back to the taste and what to do about it. Sure water can be refreshing first thing in the morning or after a workout, but about in the mid-afternoon? Or during a meeting? There’s no taste and doesn’t really look all that appealing.

I struggled to stay engaged with water especially with temptations of soda and sugary drinks lurking nearby in the office and sometimes at home. To solve this problem I went right to the core of the issue: taste.

I figured if I can make water taste better then I’m sure to drink more of it. Next was the how, and this was the fun and easy part by naturally infusing water with fruit.

There are already a lot of products on the market to flavor your water. The problem is that they’re mostly  not natural – if you can’t pronounce the ingredient on the label should you really add it your water? Probably not.

When I started infusing water naturally, I started simple. My first experiment was strawberries and it was delicious. Not only did it taste great but I kept refilling my water bottle – repeatedly.

Then I tried cucumbers – very refreshing. But I didn’t stop there. I started to combine different fruits like strawberries and lemons. Again it tasted great, I wanted more, and I knew the ingredients.

Here’s how I go about infusing water daily

  • Start: In the morning (or night before): cut up your fruit of choice and place it into a water bottle. Fill it up with water and let it set for at least an hour (or overnight) in the fridge.
  • Enjoy: Your first glass will taste great, but as you refill the taste becomes a little diluted. Cut up some extra fruit to add to your water as the day goes on. [Darren’s note: or use the fruit to make a healthy protein smoothie.]
  • Bonus: Need a snack? Eat your fruit at the end of the day.

However, I do have to warn you about some some “positive” side effects. My appetite was under control, I had more energy, and I was hydrated, which meant I was better prepared for marathon training.

Not only were there health benefits, but I was saving money by not purchasing soda or sports drinks.

To achieve any kind of health or fitness goal, water has to be part of your strategy – so why not have fun with it.

Chris Narbone is the creator of Amplify Running, a running blog dedicated to the innovative side of running.

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