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Emotional Wellbeing ~ The 4th Pillar
How to Maintain a flexible balance in life.

How to Improve Emotional Wellbeing (with this one exercise).

Course Summary: How to Improve your Emotional Wellbeing

The use of the word balance in relation to managing your life is a misnomer. We can’t achieve a perfect balance in any area of our life. Instead we are constantly adjusting where we put our attention. 

The pillar of emotional wellbeing requires just as much attention as the others. Our wellbeing comes from our choices. If you’re overworked I'm sure that you’re also overtired and need more rest. You might find it difficult to make clear decisions. You might not be eating well or exercising often. The longer you are not supporting the other pillars, the more damage you cause to your emotional health.

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Emotional Wellbeing - The 4th Pillar of Wellness, Worksheet #5

Life Web (Life Wheel) Worksheet

What's one way you can improve your emotional wellbeing?

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