How to Choose a Health and Fitness Coaching Program

Summer is almost here and many of us want a better body so that we can feel comfortable and proud in our own skins.

The good news is that it’s never too late to take steps to improving your health and fitness.

It doesn’t matter what time of year you decide to get fit – what matters more is that you chose to improve, and do so with passion and purpose!

Have you said any of these things to yourself lately?

  • I want to be in better shape for summer
  • I want to feel better and have more energy
  • I want to make healthy changes that will last
  • I want to know what to eat to reach my goals

Maybe you have a membership to a gym and are thinking about hiring a trainer. Maybe you shy away from big-box gyms and would rather workout in your condo or buy a bench and a few weights to get started in the privacy of your own home. Maybe you’ve been thinking about losing some weight and looking online for diets that appeal to you.

Where do you look for advice and how do you know who to choose to work with?

Option 1

Referrals – who do you know who has experienced a healthy transformation? Did they hire a coach, a trainer, or a nutritionist? Did they buy a program online? What influenced their choices? Why did they commit to that program? Ask them to tell you everything.

Option 2

Who do you know, who do you respect, and who do you trust? If you’re at a gym and have been watching that one, really good trainer, the one who knows what they’re doing and is always busy with clients, approach one of their clients and ask them if they would tell you about their experience with their trainer.

Option 3

Review – if you follow various health and fitness professionals online, see what they offer under services or programs. Decide if what they offer fits your needs and if their style matches yours.

Which bring me to this – I’m very excited to tell you about…

The Inaugural Launch of my Online Health and Fitness Coaching 12-week Programs!

For the last 13 years I’ve been working with personal training clients. About 3 years ago I started offering nutritional guidance, meal planning and private cooking instruction, pulling from my experience as a trained chef, and subsequently attaining the Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coaching Certification.

Here and there I’ve helped a few clients as far off as Thailand and New Zealand via email and Skype, and I knew that was something I wanted to do more of, but I needed to translate my “in-person” systems into an “online” system.

After a couple of months of preparation I’m now ready to offer personal training, diet analysis, meal planning and wellness coaching to clients online. I’ve developed three coaching programs to address the most common needs of my clients:

Diet & Meal Planning Package

This a great option for the person who feels they have their exercise and activity well under control, but they lack the knowledge and skill to adjust their dietary habits to get to the next level of health and fitness.

Personal Training Program

Like the diet & meal planning package, this option works best for the person who has their diet under control, knows how much to eat, when to eat and what to eat. But they don’t know how to design a proper workout program over serval months, or how much activity and what types of activity to do in the week.

Complete Health & Fitness Package

You guessed it! This program covers all of the above. Maybe you know a bit about training or meal planning, or maybe you know nothing about either. But you know that you want to work with a coach to assess your health habits, develop a healthy meal plan, design a fitness program that fits your lifestyle and works for you (i.e. not a generic program). You also enjoy the aspect of more frequent coaching and regular accountability.

All of the coaching programs are 12-weeks in duration

The reason is that it takes time to make changes that stick and to see progress.

You could chose a random diet or a generic training program from a magazine and hope for the best, but there is a better, proven and more effective solution.

When you work with a coach (me) who works with YOU to design every aspect of your program to fit your specific needs and desires, you have a far better possibility of success.

Success Is Easier with Accountability and Tracking

Every week you will track your activity and habits and we’ll discuss your progress via email or Skype to evaluate and measure. Not to judge, threaten, or dismiss, but rather to see what’s working for you (let’s keep doing that, then!) and to understand what’s not working (Why is that not working for you? What can we do to make that easier to accomplish?).

Let's Get Moving!

At this point you might be asking yourself, “OK, so how much does this cost?”

I spent a very long time working out the cost for each program, I had evaluate the number of hours I would be working with you one-on-one, how much preparation time I would need in advance of coaching calls, time to prepare meal plans, training programs, and so on.

Online Coaching Saves YOU Money!

The biggest cost savings that I can pass directly on to you is that I don’t have to pay a gym or a studio a per client “rental fee”. This is usually the single largest business expense for a personal trainer. I also don’t have to travel (this saves me a lot of time-cost) and neither do you!

With online coaching there are big savings in both the cost of program and saved personal time! The investment in the 12-week programs, as shown on my Online Coaching page, are:

  • Diet & Meal Planning Package $420 ($140/month)
  • The Personal Training Program $420 ($140/month)
  • The Complete Health & Fitness Package $750 ($250/month)
Click here for a complete description of the Online Coaching Programs

By comparison, if you were to hire me at the club where I work in Toronto and cover what’s offered in the Complete Package, based on my in-club rate, and the hours we would train together, your investment would be well over $800 per month.

The Complete Health & Fitness Package is Only $750 for THREE months.

That’s a significant savings to you. Let me be frank – personal training and health and fitness coaching are luxury items, because you are hiring an individual for his or her skills and the hourly rate is high (for a quality coach!)

The cost to train with me in person at the club is 3-times more expensive than training with me online.

And to be honest training with me in person is awesome! 🙂 It’s fantastic to have someone with you, right there, at every workout.

But not everyone wants or needs that kind of attention, or they can’t afford that much individual coaching.

If you want to feel better, to look better, to grow as a person, to become more knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition, and are willing to take independent action and commit to training and eating healthy with my expert guidance, then these programs are for you.


Get Fit for Spring – Launch Discount!

Since this is the inaugural launch of these programs, you can take advantage of my Get Fit for Spring 20% discount. Act now and you can save big and get in the best shape of your life over the next 12-weeks.

Get Fit For Less!

Diet & Meal Planning Package – Regularly $420
Get Fit for Spring Special $336 (save $84)
The Personal Training Program – Regularly $420
Get Fit for Spring Special $336 (save $84)
The Complete Health & Fitness Package – Regularly $750
Get Fit for Spring Special $600 (save $150)


Click here for a complete description of the Online Coaching Programs


When you click on the “I Want This” tab for your program of choice, you will be taken to the check-out page (payments are made via

In the “Offer Code” box, enter the promotional code: fitspring

Once your payment has been processed you will download a “Getting Started” document. I will be in touch within 24-hours to set up our first meeting and to help you get moving.

The Complete Package is the best offer for both the value received, and the overall health and fitness improvements that you will experience and enjoy.



Ask me a question in the comments below or complete the “Free Consultation” form at the bottom of the Online Coaching page. I’ll get back to you within 24-hours!

PS – The Get Fit for Spring 20% discount ends on Sunday, May 31, 2015 at 9 PM EST.

Don’t delay! Let’s get started improving your health and fitness, now!

Eat healthy, move often and be well!