Private Cooking Instruction Testimonial

Our experience with Darren started with an initial consultation, where he asked us what our goal was, and what was our current situation.

I liked how he catered the cooking session to our current goals and needs (long working hours, a newborn at home, little time spent in the kitchen). He helped us choose a few recipes and catered them to our food preferences and our goal of trying to have healthier meals.

The day before our cooking session we went grocery shopping. It was probably the first time we did a ‘big grocery run’, and initially I was shocked by how much it cost.

However, thinking back on how much money we normally spend on food, between lunches, take out, going to restaurants or buying something for dinner the same day, I realize we spent half of the amount of a regular week after following Darren’s suggestions.

The Cooking Session Was Relaxed and a Lot of Fun

Darren not only showed us how easy bulk cooking actually is; he also gave us tips on cooking like chopping and steaming vegetables, how to organize all the ingredients to do things faster, and how to use the oven (and our time) more efficiently.

Bulk cooking, and making 3 different platters sounded scary and potentially overwhelming, so we were very surprised how easy it was, and how, after a couple of hours in the kitchen we had so much food as a result of our work.

One of the things I liked the most was how Darren helped us make extra food with all the leftover ingredients we had, which normally would have gone bad otherwise.

Darren’s coaching style is very relaxed, and made the cooking session very enjoyable.

One Week Later…

The week after our cooking session was so different in terms of meal planning.

It was so enjoyable not to have to worry about what we were going to prepare for dinner every day.

Having our food ready within minutes reduced at least one stress during the week. Also, having a healthy meal daily is helping us keep on track to meet our weight loss goals.

The amount of food we had made, both the main dishes and the sides, allowed us to have different meals every day, mixing up the different choices we had, without ending up bored with the same food.

We used some for our lunches as well. Despite going out once during the week, we realized how much money we were saving on food, and how going grocery shopping with a real plan in mind can go a long way.

Since we had so much food, we decided to freeze some of it in serving-size containers. That will allow us to have some extra planned meals for the next week.

Bulk cooking was easier than we thought, and the little work we put in it gave us fantastic results. We will start looking for new recipes and will most likely do this ourselves every other week.

~ Andrea & Chris, Toronto