The “See the Gift in Everything” 30 Day Experiment

I know many people, myself included, find it challenging to keep a “positive outlook” in this age of bad news. It’s easy to focus on what’s not working. BUT we can change this by “Seeing the Gift in Everything.”

While these can be challenging times, our perspective will dictate how we respond emotionally to the events around us. The media and politicians want people to be upset and angry so that you’ll pay attention to them.

What if you focused on the things today that brought you joy, the actions you took or witnessed that was evidence of goodness and love in the world? How would it make you feel if you focused on those things? 🙂

This is a Mind-Shift Game

This game is about REFRAMING your perceptions, which is more powerful and transformative that simply noticing what you’re grateful for.

REFRAMING allows you to raise your consciousness about what’s possible. It can help you to

  • Strengthen a growth mindset
  • See the gift in what appears to be bad, or a problem, and how you can move through that challenge.

Seeing the “GIFT IN EVERYTHING” helps you flex your mind and get out of your own way by STOPING old patterns of “reaction.”

The challenge for all of us is to pay close attention

Every day, whenever you find yourself reacting to something, stop. Ask yourself,

  1. Why you are reacting?
  2. What is the good in this situation?
  3. What is the gift or the lesson you can take from this moment?

When you reframe a negative into a positive situation it improves your psychology and physiology in that moment. You feel lighter, less resistance, more open-minded, and open-hearted.

It’s simple. You’re taking yourself out of anger, fear, or worry, and moving into a proactive state of acceptance and response. How would that improve your QUALITY OF LIFE if you could instantly shift into a state of happiness, joy, and contentment?

How the “See the Gift in Everything” Experiment Works

Every single day for 30 days, starting from right NOW, write one thing on your Facebook wall that was a gift today.

What do you write?

  1. Write about what appeared to be a negative experience and how you started to initially react.
  2. How did you catch yourself?
  3. What feelings did you experience?
  4. How did you REFRAME the experience into a GIFT or a LESSON?
  5. Why is THIS MOMEMENT important to you?

It’s that simple. 🙂

Invite and Help Others

All I ask is that YOU help ME help US help OTHERS in by sharing the following at the bottom of each post you write. (Or not if you don’t feel like inviting others to come play.)

Here is the copy to cut and paste and share at the TOP and BOTTOM of your post each day. (Feel free to modify accordingly, but i’d appreciate you for sharing the link so others can read all of this and join in.)

Your headline…

Day 1 of 30 of the See the Gift in Everything 30 Day Experiment
30 moments I see as a gift in my life.


Your sign off…

Darren Stehle invited me to play and take part in:


Here is the link if you wanna come and play too:

Are you ready to play?

Let’s GO and Flex Our Minds!

Tag, link, share whatever and make this challenge go viral so that we ALL benefit and overcome our unconscious reaction to negative experiences or difficulties. Use the hashtag #GiftInEverything

See the gift in everything…


My mission is to help people flex their mind, and raise their consciousness about what’s possible. To achieve great things in life and to be the change I want to see in the world, I am inviting you to practice seeing the gift in everything with me.