Stop Making Excuses

What challenges do you face day-to-day that can blindside your health and fitness goals?

Did you make a list in your mind?

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What excuses do you make on a subconscious level that keep you from achieving your goals, only to realize your weakness later on?

Do you feel guilty for failing, making a mistake, missing a goal, or not doing what you promised you would do?

Do you punish yourself by going on a starvation diet, over eating, or skipping your workout (because, what the fuck, I’ve already screwed up today)?

Or do you pick yourself up with a positive attitude and outlook and say, “I’m aware of my excuses and limitations and I will make a better choice next time, because I want to improve.”

Stop Making Excuses!

It’s OK to make mistakes. Someone once said, ‘Think of a mistake as a “mis-take”.

So you tried and it didn’t work out. Try again. Do a re-take — just like on a movie set, the director films many “takes” until she’s satisfied that she’s got the perfect scene.

mistakes are just "mis-takes"

There Are No Good Excuses

Excuses are neither good or bad. They just “are”.

When you say to your personal trainer, “But I have a good excuse for cheating on my diet last night”, what exactly are you hoping to accomplish?

list of excuses

Are you looking for sympathy? Empathy? Are you looking for someone to support you in your continued unhealthy behaviours?

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You can bullshit yourself but don’t allow someone else to bullshit you.

Don’t Believe the Shit You Tell Yourself

And don’t allow somebody else to join you in your own shit-pile — hence the expression, “Wallowing in your own shit.”

Don't believe your own shit

Don’t do that. It doesn’t help you become a better person.

I’m not saying that empathy isn’t required at different times.

If you have an ongoing health issue, an emergency, or something important with your family, you will need to prioritize these situations over your health and fitness goals.

What’s important is to get back to your healthy habits and pursuing your goals within moments of your life drama calming down.

Accountability can help. Whether that comes from your nutrition coach, personal trainer, best friend, partner, or an online accountability group.

Oh yeah — just in case you were wondering this rant is as much a kick-in-the-ass message to myself as it is for anyone else who takes inspiration from this post.

Never give up. Never give in. No excuses.

Transparent Darren

PS, I wrote another post last year called, No More Excuses, with suggestions to help you take action and get out of the rut.

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