Here’s what I’ve found to be of interest in the last week for health and fitness news.

Improve Your Posture with Your Hands?

Turn up your palms! Just like in meditation, this small change can help the alignment of your shoulders and thus your back. Read the entire article here.

The Best Ab Exercises?

Article titles are all about luring you in to read the article. There are some great exercises, most of which are relatively advanced. My advice is to do what is appropriate for your level of skill and conditioning. If you are not able to do a crunch into a full sit up under control and with a slow speed of movement (and without pain, jerking or momentum) then many of these exercises may be too challenging. Click here for the article.

Diet Soda Is Just as Bad as Regular Soda

Even though there is no sugar, the artificial sweetness tricks the brain into wanting more sweet and thus the potential for unhealthy weight gain. My simple rule is this: if you don’t want sugar, don’t eat it, and don’t try to replace it with a chemical alternative.

Tips for Being Consistent with Your Exercise Routine

From putting time for exercise in your calendar, to having a regular training buddy, or signing up for an online fitness social group like fitocracy, these are not new tips, but they are probably the best tips to keep you active.

This Is a Guy Thing…

It makes a man feel good. It’s good for his prostate and it boosts mood and immunity. Spanking the monkey gets the ‘thumbs up’ for men’s health!

Until next week, be well!

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