Here’s what I’ve found to be of interest in the last week for health and fitness news.

It Looks so Good But it’s REALLY Bad for You!

Turns out those yummy and delicious designer cupcakes I bought the other day are SUPER-FAT! Thank goodness I only had the mini-cupcakes.

Can Your Thoughts Make You Thinner?

Affirmations are great, but without associated actions they’re useless. Repeating a positive intention or a thought like, ‘I am thin and healthy’ over the course of the day can go a long way to changing negative thought patterns like, ‘I’m so fat.’ But you need an action plan that involves a series of steps and new habit patterns, such as knowing what to eat that nourishes your body, how much and what type of physical activities to perform, etc. If you set up the plan but keep telling yourself you’re fat, you will most likely give up, hence the usefulness of positive affirmations.

Has Yoga Lost its Soul?

This is a great series of articles that discuss how yoga as been capitalized by some, how certain forms or yoga are considered to be ‘un-authentic’, and how this ancient practice is simply evolving in our modern world to adapt to different peoples needs.

Oh, and yoga is also good for sex!

Back Pain?

If you are stiff and have a sore back when you wake up, do these five stretches before you get out of bed.

Barefoot Running?

If you’ve been to the gym in the last year and a half you’ve started to see these funny looking, 5-finger Toe Shoes by Vibram and now from other manufacturers. Are they just a fad or actually useful? I think they can be incredibly useful, however, it depends on your body. Slow integration is important, and possibly a proper assessment to see if these types of shoes are right for you. Read the research article here.

Thanks to Adrian Choo (@SynapseHealth) for the link .

Until next week, be well!

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