The holidays and Christmas are just around the corner. How many work and house parties have you been to so far? It’s so challenging to eat well, let alone say, “No thanks”, when the host or hostess offers you a home-made delectable!

How can you eat healthy over the holidays without putting on unwanted body fat? Last year I wrote an article called, 15 Hacks for Healthy Eating During the Holidays. That’s a great place to start with a many ways you can prepare yourself to eat better before the feasting.

Earlier this week I got a newsletter update from my friend and colleague, Tzabia Siegel, also known as the Food Coach®. It was so fantastic I immediately replied and asked her if she would guest post on my site. These are two of the easiest and healthiest tips you can follow – all year-long – to help you support a healthy weight.

A little inspiration to make it through the holidays without gaining weight

And maybe even losing some weight!

Remember to eat protein (lots of it)…

healthy protein options for the holidays


…and good fats (yes, lots) frequently to reduce the desire for sweets.

good fats vs bad fats

It really does work!!

As an added incentive to be your best in 2015, The Food Coach® is offering 10% to all packages booked in January 2015 to the readers of Eat, Move, Be.

Be in touch now, or after the holidays, to book a 30-minute complimentary (and non-obligatory) session to let me know more about your challenges, goals and needs and to find out how I work. Call (416) 826-6530 or

Jump Off the Diet Treadmill

The Food Coach® is Tzabia Siegel – clinical nutritionist, life and creativity coach, lover of food and music. She works with her clients to heal their physical issues and transform their behaviour around food and body. She is the author of Jump Off the Diet Treadmill: 12 Weeks on Your Way to Lifetime Weight Loss.

Wishing you all the best over the holidays and a happy and healthy 2015!