Top Health, Nutrition and Fitness Articles – 02 April 2015


Each Thursday I publish a list of the top articles from around the net in three categories: Healthy Recipes & Cooking, Health & Nutrition, and Physical Fitness.

Top Article of the Week

Calorie restriction and intermittent fasting: Is the Fountain Of Youth really in your kitchen? – Bartek Nogal

Intermittent Fasting (IF) is one of the hottest topics online with many fitness fanatics claiming IF is the one and only true “god” of fat loss and muscle-building.


It’s simply not for everyone. I’ve said it before that all diets will work for some people some of the time.

One of my key coaching principles is the concept of individuality. We are all different on various level like, gender, age, level of activity, and genetics. We are also uniquely defined by levels of stress and possibly health issues like cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, and so on. Finally, psychology plays into this larger mix.

For some people IF has been the solution and on paper, and in research, it presents some very compelling positives. However, you need to first know if you have any health conditions that would contra indicate following an IF protocol.

I’ve tried IF and I couldn’t handle not eating until noon. No one wants to be around me when I’m hungry. So for me the issue is blood sugar – I need a constant and steady flow of blood sugar otherwise I crash, feel sluggish and become unpleasantly moody.

As a followup to this article, Precision Nutrition published,

Intermittent Fasting for women: Important information you need to know – Helen Kollias

Have you tried IF? Did it work for you? Leave me a comment in the box at the bottom of this post.

Top Healthy Recipes & Cooking Articles

Picadillo (Cuban-Style) – Marc Matsumoto

You had me at raisins…

Palak Paneer – Marc Matsumoto

One of my all time favourite Indian dishes.

How to Steam Hard Boiled Eggs – Elise Bauer

I haven’t tried this method but if Elise says it works that’s good enough for me!

Freeze Fresh Herbs for Long-Term Storage – J. Kenji López-Alt

Using oil helps keep the flavour of the herbs even more intact.

How to Clean Out Your Spice Cabinet and Organize it – for Good – Max Falkowitz

This is like “spice porn”! Lots of things I didn’t know, in particular the shelf life of various spices.

Top Health & Nutrition Articles

Scientists have discovered a simple way to cook rice that dramatically cuts the calories – Roberto A. Ferdman

I thought this was a joke when I first read it. This is a fascinating discovery about what happens to food starches in cooking, their affect on digestibility, and production of sugars.

Top Physical Fitness Articles

The Best Squat You’re Not Doing – Ben Bruno

I like the approach the author takes in this post. Many people, and many of my clients, find squats challenging. Just because almost everyone claims it’s the king of quad exercises doesn’t mean that you should do it too.

Like my comment above about diets and individuality, you need to know what works for your body. Enter the landmine squat – it works as a coaching tool, a movement-pattern reinforcement exercise, a potential back squat replacement, and a variation to use as part of your strength-training periodization.

Eat Well – Move Often – Be Well!