Top Health, Nutrition and Fitness Articles – 09 July 2015

Top Health, Nutrition and Fitness Articles – 07 July 2015


It’s been a while since I’ve published my list of the top articles from around the net. I’m planning to be more consistent with this round-up post to feature what I consider the best of three categories: Healthy Recipes & Cooking, Health & Nutrition, and Physical Fitness.

Top Article of the Week

Basil Pineapple Smoothie

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Basil Pineapple Smoothie – Christopher Clark

Christopher is the author of Nutritional Grail: Ancestral Wisdom, Breakthrough Science, and the Dawning Nutritional Renaissance. I consider his book essential reading for understanding what’s healthy eating, his detailed explanations, and how to cook healthy. This is not a paleo or anti-carb diet book, rather his approach is what many call “ancestral” style eating. Do yourself a favour and get a copy of his book.

One thing I really appreciate are the frequent recipes that Christopher posts on his blog. They are easy to make, have few ingredients, and he doesn’t make a big fuss (like a lot of food bloggers do with an endless stream of the same image shot from 5 directions).

I would never have considered combing basil and pineapple in a smoothie, but the combination is fantastic. I would add a scoop of plain, unsweetened non-GMO protein powder to the smoothie to balance out the amount of natural sugar coming from the fruit, but that’s my personal recommendation.

If you liked this smoothie try another version by Chris: Cinnamon Ginger Blueberry Smoothie.

Top Healthy Recipes & Cooking Articles

paleo ginger cilantro sweet potato salad

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#1 – Paleo ginger cilantro sweet potato salad – Katie Webster

Sweet potatoes are an almost weekly staple at my home. This is a simple way to add a bit more flavour (which is not to say plain sweet potatoes are lacking flavour – on the contrary). Enjoy!

#2 – How to Make Guacamole – Stephanie Le

Two ways. Yup, apparently there’s an Asian version too!

#3 – Mango and Jalapeño Guacamole – Joy Wilson

Noticing a theme here? Classic, Asian and now another version of Guacamole. It’s just damn good, healthy eating those avocados!

#4 – Watermelon Salad with Cotija, Jicama, and Lime – Elise Bauer

Wow! Love the thoughtful combination of flavours in this dish. Pairing a sweet, like fruit, with a hot, like Serrano or jalapeño pepper, is always a win.

#5 – Fig, Melon, and Spanish Ham Salad With Basil – J. Kenji López-Alt

Picture this: Homer Simpson drooling in pleasure over the thought of food. Now click on the recipe above. Omnomnom!

#6 – The Serious Eats Tomato Shopping Guide – Carrie Havranek

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” I love tomatoes, If you have access to a farmer’s market this summer try some of the many varieties of tomatoes. Want to know what you’re getting? Read this article and find out, for example, what’s a campari or a kumato.

Top Health & Nutrition Articles

#1 – 7 Top “Healthy” Foods to Avoid – Dr. Mercola

Just because it says “healthy” or “good for you” on the label, or just because it used to be healthy doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Top of the list is yogurt as sold in it’s most common, supermarket form (low-fat, flavoured, and almost as much sugar as a candy bar). Skip the processed yogurt and buy an organic, whole milk, preferably non-homoginized brand. Soy, fish, and gluten-free products also make the list.

#2 – 10 Surprising Ways You Are Making Your Vegetables Less Nutritious – Dr. Mercola

WHOA! I knew a few of the “ten ways”, but I was really surprised with tips like how lettuce storage and chopping carrots affect nutrient loss. With respect to not chopping carrots before cooking to avoid nutrient loss, I suspect if you chop them and add them to a soup or stew any nutrients released will remain in the liquid.

#3 – Ultimate Elixir Recipes Infographic – Meghan Telpner

Want a new way to invigorate your morning? Need something different but healthy to drink with health benefits? Try one of these simple tea-based “elixirs”.

#4 – 10 Reasons to Drink Lemon Water in The Morning – Poliquin Group

Continuing with, “what you should drink first thing in the morning”, one of my stapes is fresh lemon in water. Here are 10 reasons why it’s good for you.

Top Physical Fitness Articles

#1 – Pain-Free Lunging: The Forward vs. Reverse Lunge – John Rusin

Doesn’t everyone hate lunges? For some it’s because it hurts or it’s painful, and for others it’s because lunges are just plain challenging to properly execute! There is a right way to do lunges and there is an alternative to the forward lunge if that movement bothers your knee or hip (usually your hip flexor in the back leg).

Dr John breaks down the movement, explains why it can be uncomfortable, and how and why to do the reverse lunge as an alternative. This may be too much anatomy for some, but it’s worth the read to understand why the lunge is such an important strength training movement.

#2 – 3 Recovery Strategies for Overhead Training – Matthew Ibrahim

If you perform a lot of overhead lifting or if your range of motion is limited in either barbell or dumbbell shoulder pressing, check out Matthew’s super-easy overhead soft-tissue recovery strategies as well as his recommended shoulder stability exercises.

Eat Well – Move Often – Be Well!