10 Healthy Snacks for Work

Tuna Salad with Vegetables

If you want to make it through your work day without falling asleep at your desk you will probably need to eat more than just lunch.

You will also need to eat healthy, balanced snacks that support stable, sustained energy levels, which will help to keep your mind sharp and focused all day long.

That doesn’t mean running out during your break to Starbuck’s or Tim Horton’s and grabbing the usual “double-double” and a donut or a muffin.

I have nothing against coffee. I love coffee, but what many people call coffee is basically a glorified dessert.

For example, if you ordered a typical specialty coffee from Starbucks (or McDonald’s or Tim Horton’s), this is what you’d get:

Nutritional analysis of a Starbuck’s Grande White Chocolate Mocha (without whipped cream) made with soy milk… 

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Health articles

EMB Health Digest

Every day I read through my Twitter feed, check out various blogs I follow, and review recipes and health information on Flipboard and through my RSS reader, Feedly. There’s simply too much information to take in, even for me. And what should you believe? Since my areas of expertise are cooking, nutrition, and fitness, I’ve… 

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What Matters Most in Life?

What Matters Most In Life?

There are some things in life that matter much more than other things. What Matters Most In Your Life? We can only accomplish so much in a single day. Yet we are taught to strive, to push hard, to persevere, and to potentially suffer through life while pursuing our goals. When we feel like we’re falling… 

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drink water from the tap

Drink Water Instead of Almond or Soy Milk

Water is the single best way to hydrate your body and support optimal health. There is no reason to be afraid of water. You don’t need to add flavour, mix in drink crystals, or whatever nonsense is being peddled in current advertising. Forget the wonderfully catchy coca-cola jingle that makes you want to grab a… 

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Loblaws Pride Cupcake Dessert

No Desserts Diet Conclusion

Over a month ago my partner and I started our 30-Days of No Desserts Diet. We ended our diet unofficially and without fan-fare on Sunday, June 29th. Sunday was the culmination of World Pride in Toronto, so we decided to buy a Pride and a Canada Day cupcake at the Loblaws in the Village at Church and Carleton. I… 

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Netball game

Nutrition Plan For a Female Netball Player

Recently I had the opportunity to work with a New Zealand Netball Player who contacted me because she had concerns about her nutrition and energy levels. Here is her initial email: Hi Darren I have massively upped my activity levels this year, as I have been selected in a Premier netball team. I have been focusing… 

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No Excuses

Stop Making Excuses

What challenges do you face day-to-day that can blindside your health and fitness goals? Did you make a list in your mind? Do you have a choice about what happens in your life or you are you a victim of circumstance?Click To TweetPowered By CoSchedule What excuses do you make on a subconscious level that keep… 

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