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Darren Stehle

Nutrition & Fitness Coach. Author.

Darren offers deep wellbeing coaching to people who’ve had enough of fad diets and exercise programs that never getting results. His clients realize that what they’ve been doing doesn’t work, or that they’re stuck in a box which is keeping them from prioritizing their health and wellbeing. Darren’s role is to help them re-connect with what’s most important in their lives and to help them take small, manageable steps to improving their wellness and thrive at life.

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Darren Stehle


Wellness Coaching

Coaching is an art and a science. The “art” is in the deep listening and guidance. The “science” is supported by a structured year-long nutrition program to keep you consistent with strategic daily nutrition practices that fit into your lifestyle.

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Darren is the author of a number of free wellness guides, and is working on his next book to be published on Amazon in January, 2017. His latest book is the bulk meal planning guide, Cook a Week of Meals in 4 Hours.

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