Healthy Achievement Coaching

Darren StehleHi, I’m Darren Stehle 

I coach Deep Thinkers to get out of their own way so you can reach your goals and improve your health and wellbeing.

Does this sound like you?

  1. You are highly educated, well-read, and determined to improve yourself and to make an impact in the world.
  2. You are creative, honest, vulnerable, and open to learning new things.
  3. You take full responsibility for you choices in life and know that transformation starts on the inside.

Your challenges in life are the source of your greatest strengths.

  1. You hold yourself back with self-criticism or over-thinking, which causes you to get stuck not knowing what ideas or projects to focus on;
  2. You are a pleaser who wants to help others before meeting your own needs, and;
  3. You think (or believe) you are the only one who can fix things.

Flex your mind and nourish your wellbeing with Healthy Achievement Coaching

The more you flex your mental muscle to overcome obstacles (real or perceived), the more you feed the power within you to succeed at whatever you decide to create.

I’m here to help you reach your goals faster, more efficiently, and with greater clarity about the actions and behaviours you need to practice to thrive.

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