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It’s easy to be distracted. We’re inundated by media, updates, pings, notifications, flashing pop-ups, and ever-new ways to catch our attention. We need to think more critically about the foundations of health and wellness and not the latest fad diets or fitness programs.

With simple wellness fundamentals and daily practices it’s easy to improve your health by eating well, cooking your own food, and exercising often. That’s what I’m here for: to tell you to help you improve your health and fitness and to support you in making your life meaningful.

My “job” is to stay current with the latest research and to distill anything worth using into education and strategies that you can easily put into practice and get results!

Strengthening Healthy Minds One Body at a Time

Darren Stehle of EatMoveBe.comBased in Toronto, Canada, EatMoveBe is a blog by Darren Stehle. His posts explore mindfulness, health, fitness, nutrition & cooking. He works to improve the health and lives of others. Darren is an author, a Precision Nutrition Level 2 Coach, a Personal Trainer, and a Chef by training.