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Flex Your Mind ~ Nourish Your Thinking

Are you often frustrated by what you read online about the latest nutrition study or health information? Do you wonder if the information is not only accurate but unbiased?

Almost daily there’s a new report about a new weight loss diet, supplement, or a fitness device. We are overwhelmed by news, status updates, and ever-new ways to catch our attention.

Sure there is always new science that comes along and finally provides an answer or proof, but so much of what would make us happy and healthy has existed for thousands of years.

The trouble is that “what has worked in the past” isn’t new. We’re influenced by technology to think that there must be “a newer, better way,” when most of the solutions we need are so simple that they go unnoticed.

What should you pay attention to? Who has the answers? Everyone has an opinion, but opinions don’t get results.

Strengthening Healthy Minds One Body at a Time

My name is Darren Stehle. I’m the author of Cook a Week of Meals in 4 Hours, a Precision Nutrition Level 2 Coach, a Personal Trainer, and a Chef by training.

Using simple habit based health strategies, I can help you to improve your health and wellness in a way that best to fit your needs, lifestyle and goals.

With simple wellness fundamentals and daily practices it’s easy to improve your health over time by eating well, cooking your own food, thinking productive thoughts, and exercising often.

I want to help you think more critically about your wellness so that you can make your own choices. When you learn the fundamentals of wellness and apply simple daily strategies, it’s easy to improve your health by eating well, cooking your own food, and exercising regularly.

Making Health and Well-Being Simple

You’ll find a wide variety of topics at EatMoveBe, everything from mindfulness, being, health, fitness, nutrition, cooking, and deeply personal posts. My intention is to speak purposefully, from the heart, and to take risks.

Eat healthy, move often, be well!